Types of Rocks


The Different Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are the second most valued metals on earth after gold. Naturally, these precious stones are classified based on the type and quantity of [...]

Types of Rocks List

A rock refers to a solid accumulation of minerals situated in the lithosphere. Generally, rocks are classified into metamorphic, igneous and [...]

Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamonds come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are 3 types of diamond cuts; brilliant cuts, mixed cuts and step cuts. These 3 types are [...]

The Different Diamond Cuts

The diamond is said to be the most preferred choice of stone for most women. Diamonds are available in different diamond cuts thereby enabling you to [...]

How Are Man-Made Diamonds Made?

For all the diamond enthusiasts and those who can identify valuable gems, does the origin of diamonds really matter? Technological advancement has [...]

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

Real diamonds have always dazzled even for those who are not familiar with the 4 Cs of Diamonds. These 4 Cs are a guide or standard that people can [...]