The Different Types of Diamond Cuts

types of diamond cuts

A diamond cut is a design or style guide that is used when the diamond is being shaped for polishing purposes. This refers to the symmetry, polish and proportioning of the diamond. This normally impacts it brilliance thus when it is done in the wrong way the diamond will not be luminous. There are various types of diamond cuts that produce different visual effects.

The Different Diamond Cuts Fall Under 3 Main Types

Ideal Cut Diamond – this is a great cut for people who are looking for top quality diamond that reflects light beautifully. It is a premier style cut that is carefully angles and well proportioned to result in a luminous appearance.

Deep Cut Diamond – this is a type of cut that reflects light poorly which normally results in a mutes and dull appearance.

Shallow Cut Diamond – The shallow cut normally creates an illusion that a person is wearing a larger stone as it allows light to pass through the sides instead of reflecting at the top. This creates a sparkle and lack of brilliance. It is therefore important to consider the types of diamond cuts when buying a diamond to pick the best for your situation.

The Different Types of Diamond Cuts

The following are the different types of cuts of diamonds that produce the various visual effects.

Types of Brilliant Cut Diamonds

This is the most popular cut that is famous for its triangular facets and sharp corners that normally lead to the brilliance of the stone. There are a number of subsections under this like:

  • Round Brilliant Cut – this is referred to as the archetypical brilliant cut that features a total of 58 facets which is the optimal number that is used to achieve maximum light return. Diamond shapes make use of the brilliant cut which are also describes as the modified brilliant cuts.
  • Oval Cut Diamond – this is a narrower and longer version of the round brilliant cut.
  • Marquise Cut Diamond – this is one of the types of diamond cuts that are similar to an oval shape. It can be described as an elongated version the round option but features more pointed ends. This is a great shape that is used to make a persons finger appear as though they are thing and long.
  • Pearl Cut Diamond – this also has 58 facets but usually has varying proportions. It is quite similar to the marquise and oval shapes but comes with a soft and round edge.
  • Heart Cut Diamond – this is one of the most romantic types of diamond cuts in the market. Forming the shape perfectly is normally a difficult task as all the lobes have to be totally symmetrical to achieve diamond brilliance.
  • Trilliant Cut Diamond – this is a triangular shaped diamond that is normally used to enhance larger stone centers working as side stones.

Types of Step Cut Diamonds

These are types of diamond cuts that have better clarity than the brilliant cut diamonds although they have less brilliance.They feature larger facets when compares to the brilliant cut option which are arranged so that the can lie parallel to the girdle in a reminiscent design of steps thus the name. Some of the cuts that fall into this category include:

  • Emerald Cut – this is a rectangular shaped stone that has an open and large table which offers additional clarity.
  • Asscher Cut – this is an octagonal shape that comes makes use of 1920′s and 1930′s décor jewelry style art.
  • Baguette Cut – this is used a stone whose main purpose is to accentuate a larger piece of center stone.

Types of Mixed Cut Diamonds

This is one of the types of diamond cuts that try to incorporate features of the step cut and the brilliant cut. In most cases, the pavilion is done using a brilliant cut while the crown is done using the step cut design. This comes up with something very unique and creative which was discovered in the 1960′s. This led to the development of the princess shaped diamond. Cuts that fall into this category include:

  • Princess Cut – this is a rectangular or square shape that most diamond cutters love because it utilizes the rough diamond which translates to cheaper price and less wastage.
  • Radiant Cut – this is officially known as the “cut cornered rectangular modified brilliant”. The radiant can either be rectangular or square. It is a chic combination of the elegance portrayed by the emerald cut and the brilliance oozed by the round cut.

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