Industrial Piercing

The industrial piercing is a piercing that consists of two piercings in the upper area of the outer cartilage (the helix) of the ear.  A hole is punched in both sides, one in front towards the face, and one towards the back of the head.


The jewelry used for an industrial ear piercing is a straight barbell which gives it its characteristic look, and is consistant with other names for this piercing which are the “scaffolding piercing” or “construction piercing,” because it resembles the scaffolding at a construction site.


The gauge for industrial piercings usually starts at 14g, but sometimes a 16g is used.


Like most cartilage piercings, the industrial bar piercing can take from 6 months to a year to heal, and they tend to be rather sensitive and painful throughout the healing process.


  1. Does the acid boric attracts by itself roaches? Can i use peanut butter instead of sugar?

  2. are you using equal amounts as stated in grams? or lbs of butter and sugar to the 50 grams of borax and flour


  3. Couldn’t I just get premade dough (ie: cookie or biscuit dough) and add the borax to it? Or does it have to be equal amounts?

  4. Thank you! My mother swore by borax to get rid of bugs, but when I tried it, was not effective..most likely because I was not adding bait to it. Makes sense to add something to attract them to it. Is boric acid also effective, or does it have to be the actual Borax brand?

    • But I thought that Borax IS the “bait” – in other words, the part of this mixture that would kill the roach. Please clear this up for me, anyone, because I’m getting more confused by the most by what should be a simple recipe. :O

      • OOPS – I should have said “…because I’m getting more confused by the MOMENT by what should be a simple recipe.” Sorry for the typo!

  5. I’ve been having trouble getting the right ingredients, I guess, because I have yet to get the roaches to eat this. I think I’m getting the wrong ‘borax’ powder. I bought 20-Mule Team Borax laundry booster, which was the only “Borax” I could find. I went to so many stores – grocery stores, pharmacies, Home Depot, you name it – and this is all I could find. As for using ‘boric acid’ I would ask for it and get blank stares and only one helpful suggestion which was for buying this tiny bottle of liquid eyedrops for an exorbitant amount of money – and that had other ingredients which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t taste good to a roach. So help me out here, what kind of Borax specifically – because we have the laundry booster powder, multi-purpose cleaner, laundry booster AND multi-purpose cleaner, detergent booster, super washing soda,Sodium Borate (Borax) “Decahydrate”. I’m naming just some of what I found on and I want to buy the right kind – I’ve got to make it tasty for these guys or they’re sure to ignore it. And should the butter be “unsalted” or does it matter? Would any kind of flour work? And could you give me measurements that are typical for the U.S. – for instance, tablespoons or cup measurements? Would I actually need to mix up POUNDS of this stuff? I would think that it would get moldy or dried up before I could ever use that much! Please help – and thank you so much!! I’ve got my fingers crossed……………………….

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