The Different Types of Relationships

There are many types of relationships in the world. You have some sort of relationship with everyone in your life from casual acquiantances to your closest loved ones. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent relationship types. Types of Relationships List Romantic Relationship In these types of relationships you both have a [...]

types of music

The Different Types of Music

So I’ve decided to create the biggest most comprehensive list of the different types of music genres out there. This list of music types is going to take some time to get everything up here, so this will be an ongoing project. If I’ve forgotten anything, feel free to let me know in the comments. [...]

types of light microscopes

The Different Types of Light Microscopes

A microscope is probably the most well-know and well-used research tool in biology and its related disciplines. Generally they are classified into several different classes based on what interacts with sample under study to generate the desired visible image. For instance, there are three types of microscopes such as optical microscopes (light microscope or compound [...]

types of microscopes

The Different Types of Microscopes

The invention of the microscope has brought about great inventions that have transformed the human race. This device is effective and very important in science because it provides opportunity for scientist to study natural elements that are not visible to the naked eye. There are different types of microscopes depending on the purpose for which [...]

types of dolphins

The Different Types of Dolphins

There are more than 40 types of dolphins. Dolphins types are grouped into 2 categories Oceanic dolphins River dolphins Oceanic Dolphins Melon-Headed Whale – Despite their name, these “whales” are dolphins. They are also known as mask and are rather gray in color and have a dark grey face. They are called melon-headed since their head [...]

types of lemon trees

The Different Types of Lemon Trees

Lemons are a versatile fruit mostly used as flavoring in food and even as a garnish for alcoholic beverages. It’s powerful citrus flavor is generally considered too strong to eat the fruit by itself which is why it finds its way into other foods as an ingredient. Lemon trees are actually part of the evergreen [...]

different types of trees

The Different Types of Trees

Trees come in different shapes and sizes. There are several types of trees or tree species in the world that make part of our ecosystem that acts as a habitat for over 140,000 animal species and other micro-organisms. Scientifically trees are very important to both humans and the environment. Therefore it is very important to [...]

spectral star types

The Spectral Types of Stars

When you look up at the stars at night either with your naked eyes or through a telescope, you are looking at history. Each of those twinkling little dots tells a story that science and technology have finally begun to understand. To understand what each star’s unique story is you must look at it through [...]

The Different Types of Apartments

An apartment can be defined as a suite of rooms normally located on one floor of a particular apartment house. There are several types of apartments and most of them can be differentiated by features such as the amenities, location, capacity, size and facilities. This article provides some examples of the different types of apartments [...]

types of acoustic guitars

The Different Types of Acoustic Guitars

The acoustic guitar remains to be a favorite instrument for music lovers around the globe. This is because it does not rely on external amplification like the electric guitar: Instead, it mainly uses the traditional wooden soundboard that makes up its soundbox. You would be able to carry it anywhere without limitations and the strings [...]

types of renewable energy

The Different Types of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy refers to a type of energy that is natural and inexhaustible. This type of energy has gained prominence in recent years due to dwindling coal, oil and natural gas (the world’s main sources of energy) reserves and continued environmental degradation caused by these energy sources. Renewable energy can be reproduced, reducing or eliminating [...]

types of binary star systems

The 4 Types of Binary Stars

A binary star system consists of two stars orbiting around a common center of mass. The system consists of a bright star known as the primary and a second one referred to as a companion star or a secondary. Studies conducted in 19th century showed that most stars are part of either a binary star [...]

The Different Types of Housing

We’ve got a list of the types of houses, but this list will go beyond free-standing houses, and covers all types of housing situations you might find out there. Apartment Building – A housing arrangement made of more than one apartment. These units can be in blocks. Aul – Housing derived by fortifying homes to [...]

The Different Types of Bass Guitars

A guitar is one of the most common musical instruments used in all genres of songs. There are a wide range of guitars found in the market which you can choose according to your needs. A bass guitar is one of the major types of guitar found in different music cultures. Below are the major [...]

types of alternative energy

The Different Types of Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy is mostly renewable energy because it comes from natural sources, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. These sources are used as an alternative to coal and oil which diminish in supply. Alternative energy sources, on the other hand, are usually replenished naturally so their supplies do not diminish and they are also [...]

types of birds

A List of The Different Types of Birds

Birds are feathered, bipedal, winged, egg laying, warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Aves. Research findings demonstrate that there are over ten thousand various species of birds across the world. From varied communication skills, size, shape, colors, diet and feeding requirements, to types of flight, these-creatures-are-nothing-short-of-marvel. This article takes you through different types of birds [...]

types of stars

The Different Types of Stars

When we think about the stars, the first thing that comes into our minds is the Sun. The truth of the matter is that there are very many types of stars. By taking a critical look into the heavens one will notice that there are a variety of stars up there. The following are all [...]

types of houses

The Different Types of Houses

The first structures humans ever made were shelters from the elements. We’ve been building houses since the dawn of man, and in that time we’ve have been many interesting types of houses from the beautiful to the basic. This list will cover as many different types of houses as I can unearth in my research. [...]

types of guitars

The Different Types of Guitars

There are various types of guitars available today. Playing different guitars in a music store is an ideal way of familiarizing yourself with the various unique guitar models. The list below provides the most common types of guitars; Acoustic Guitars Acoustic guitars are available in two kinds; steel-string and classical. The difference between the two [...]

types of energy

The Different Types of Energy

Energy is a measure of the ability of an object or a system to do work on another object or system. There are many different types of energy, or forms of energy, that exist in the universe. These are the different ways that an object or a system can possess energy. The Different Forms of [...]

types of laptop computers

The Different Types of Laptops

A laptop is a versatile, small and portable computer that gives people access to internet browsing and files from any location. Types of laptop computers differ according to functionality, weight and price. The following are the most common types of laptop computers. Tablet Laptops These types of laptops have a joint between the keyboard and [...]

types of birds of prey bald eagle

The Different Types of Birds of Prey

The cycle of life allows for the birds of prey to feed on other birds, vertebrates as well as invertebrates for survival. Birds of prey which are also known as raptors can be easily distinguished by various characteristics that they portray; wing shape, color and size among many other features. Birds of prey are well [...]

types of coffee machines

The Different Types of Coffee Makers

Coffee makers come in different types, sizes, models and brands just like other types of appliances. If you intend to purchase a coffee machine that is right for your needs and that which fits your lifestyle and budget, you need to be familiar with different types of coffee makers on the market so that you [...]

types of diamonds

The Different Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are the second most valued metals on earth after gold. Naturally, these precious stones are classified based on the type and quantity of impurities found on them. Basically, there are two main classifications of diamonds: type one which contains nitrogen molecules and type two which contains other impurities except nitrogen. Only 20% of diamonds [...]

types of computers

The Different Types of Computers

A computer is one of the greatest inventions of man and it has seen many changes in functions, memory space, size and portability. What makes the computer an extraordinary apparatus is its ability to store and process a massive amount of information, which is used to perform various technical tasks or even help create other [...]

types of coffee beans

The Different Types of Coffee Beans

There are basically two types of coffee beans that are commonly used: Arabica and Robusta. There are numerous varieties of plants that are coffee species, but these two are the most important from a commercial point of view. A third species can be good as well, which is Liberica (from Liberia), but on the global market, [...]

types of computer viruses

The Different Types of Computer Viruses

A computer virus is a program designed to harm or cause harm on an infected computer. Its spreads through e-mail attachments, portable devices, websites containing malicious scripts and file downloads. A computer virus attaches itself to the host files and always activate whenever you open the infected files. The virus can replicate itself and then [...]

types of coffee drinks

The Different Types of Coffee Drinks

There are many different types of coffee drinks available for all coffee lovers out there. Take note that these coffee drinks came from three different types of beans: Arabica, Robust and Kona. And whether you like hot drinks or cold, you can still taste the inherent flavor and the richness of the beans originally used [...]

types of hybrid cars

The Different Types of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have grown into some of the most popular cars that people use nowadays. Numerous persons purchase them, including celebrities, the wealthy and politicians. These are vehicles that utilize two power sources for moving the vehicle, sometimes more. There are basically four types of hybrid cars. Parallel Hybrid Cars The first type is a [...]

Types of Adult Acne

According to statistics, adult acne affects 25% of the male adults and 50% of the entire adult population. About a third of the adult population with facial acne has body acne. Recurrence or development of acne occurs in the 20s, 30s, 40s and above. Irrespective of when it appears, acne may lead to social anxiety [...]