The Different Types of Laptops

types of laptop computers

A laptop is a versatile, small and portable computer that gives people access to internet browsing and files from any location. Types of laptop computers differ according to functionality, weight and price. The following are the most common types of laptop computers.

Tablet Laptops

These types of laptops have a joint between the keyboard and the display permitting the display panel to lie flat on the housing of the keyboard. Typically, the base of this type of laptop is attached to the display by a swivel or rotating hinge. You can fold the screen up to one hundred and eighty degrees so that it lies flat on the keyboard. Some tablet laptops have a sliding format where the screen cover slides from its position and locks into the normal position hence providing the laptop mode. Hybrid tablet laptops have a removable keyboard that allows the user to choose whether to attach the keyboard or utilize the touchscreen alone. Tablet laptops are touchscreen.

Rugged Laptops

A rugged laptop is one that is designed to operate in harsh conditions such as extreme conditions, dusty environments, dusty or wet environments and in areas with strong vibrations. They are usually created from scratch and are heavier, bulkier and more expensive than the regular laptops. These rugged laptops have rubber sheeting below the keyboard keys, passive cooling, sealed connector covers and are made from strong magnesium alloy. They are commonly used by public safety services such as the police, military, medical emergency and fire fighting departments. They are usually manufactured and sold to organizations.


This is an ultraportable laptop that is marketed based on its portability since it has low weight, smallness in size and has a battery with a longer life. It resembles the notebook. As compared to standard laptops, a subnotebook is smaller and lighter. It weights between two and five pounds, and its battery life exceeds ten hours. Most subnotebooks do not have the removable media drive so as to lower the weight. In such cases the laptop is paired with a docking station. These computers run general-purpose operating systems as opposed to the specialized software.

Desktop Replacement Laptops

A desktop replacement computer refers to a laptop that can provide all the capabilities that a desktop does, with a similar performance level. These types of laptops are usually heavier and larger than standard laptops. Their components are more powerful and are much bulkier than other laptops. The operation time of their batteries is shorter. They are used as alternatives to desk top computers. Some of them use some desktop components for improved performance


Netbooks are economical, light-weight, energy efficient and inexpensive laptops suited for internet access and wireless communication. They excel in web-based performance. Netbooks focus majorly on e-mailing and web browsing. Most netbooks do not have an optical disk, and range from between five and twelve inches and between two and three pounds. Netbooks usually have light-weight operating systems such as Windows XP and Linux installed in them. Most netbooks have one memory slot which does not recognize any memory card beyond 2GB. This limits how the netbook functions beyond the basic functions i.e. emailing and internet.

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