Top 5 Types of Christmas Trees

There are many different types of trees available for Christmas. Although you may not always think about all of the differences before selecting a tree to bring home, this year you should take the time to learn about all the various Christmas tree types available.

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Christmas Tree

Although most people do not conduct research on all the different types of Christmas trees that are available, it can be a fun topic to learn about When deciding what tree to purchase this holiday season, you want to think about how much you plan to decorate the tree. This is because some trees are stronger and easier to decorate than others are. In addition, you also want to think about longevity and needle retention. Some trees retain their needles a lot longer than others do. Although there is a lot to consider when picking a tree out, by taking the time to get acquainted with all the various trees and reading all of the tips below, you will be on your way to selecting the best Christmas tree this holiday season.

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree

The Scotch pine Christmas tree is what traditionalists consider the original tree. Although this tree is a true classic, it is not as popular as it was in the past. Although many people still buy Scotch pines, they there are many reasons why people do not buy this type.

One of the main reasons why many people do not buy Scotch pines is because the tree has rigid branches and pointy pine needles. This tree is definitely pricklier than all the other trees available for purchase.

If you do not mind pointy needs and are looking for a classic Christmas tree, then the Scotch pine may be the best choice. This is because it lasts longer than all the other trees and loses fewer needles even when dry. Even though they are pricklier, many people prefer Scotch Pines because they are easier to clean up at the end of the season. If you are looking for a classic tree, then the Scotch Pine may be exactly what you are looking for this holiday season.

Noble Fir

If you are looking for a tree that is considered one of the best trees available on the market, then you should consider the Noble Fir. This tree can be found in many homes around the world because it is considered one of the most stunning trees in the world. This tree stands out from all the others because of its distinctive color, smell and branches. The branches on these trees are very sturdy and spaced very well, so people who enjoy decorating their Christmas with lots of garland, ornaments and lights should definitely consider buying a Noble Fir.

Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is another beautiful Christmas tree to look at because of its bluish green needles. Over the years, the Blue Spruce has become more popular because of its majestic beauty. This tree is an excellent choice whether you plan to display a tree in or outdoors because it has excellent needle retention, so you won’t have to clean up needles that have fallen to the floor every few minutes. The Blue Spruce also has very sturdy branches, so that means it can hold larger quantities of garland, ornaments and lights.

Fraser Fir

One of the most popular Christmas trees purchased each year, the Fraser Fir is at the top of the list because it is simply beautiful to look at. In addition, this tree has pliable silvery green soft needles that do not hurt when touched. In addition to its beautiful soft needs, this tree is very popular because it is perfectly shaped and its branches are extremely durable and designed to hold a large amount of ornaments, garland and lights. If you like to adorn your Christmas tree with lots of ornaments and lights, then you should definitely consider purchasing a Fraser Fir because all of the branches are well-spaced, which will give you allow you to use as much garland as you want to use.

White Spruce

Another tree that people often purchase is the white spruce. This tree has large amounts of needles and is very attractive. However, many people who buy this tree are complain that the White Spruce does not smell like a typical pine tree, so if you are looking for a tree that smells good then you may want to consider buying another Christmas tree instead.

Other Things to Consider When Selecting a Tree

Before heading out to buy a Christmas tree this holiday season, you want to examine the length and the needles. The tree that you purchase should stand perfectly straight. If the trunk of the tree has been cut crooked, then the tree will not stand straight anyway. If the tree does not stand straight, then you should consider selecting another one.

In addition, you also want to take the time to examine the branches and make certain that the needles are not falling off the tree. If the needles are falling off, then the Christmas tree you pick out is dry and moist. Trees that are dried out are much more flammable than trees that are fresh and moist. Since most fresh trees retain their moisture, you will have no trouble finding a fresh tree to bring home.

Once your tree is in your home, you want to make sure you place your tree a basin filled with water. Fresh cut trees need water to stay fresh once they have been cut. As long as you continue to replenish the water supply, your tree will stay fresh throughout the holiday season and not become a fire hazard

If your goal is to choose the best Christmas tree for your home or office, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of the trees that we have mentioned. These trees are not only some of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world; they are also sturdy and perfect for decorating. No matter what tree you select for your home or office, you will be glad you took the time to learn about all the popular types of Christmas trees before purchasing one this holiday season.

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