Types of Brain Cancer

There are many types of brain cancer that exist today. Sadly, the number of victims has been growing in the last few years. Basically, brain cancer is a condition where the body is unable to regulate the growth of cells in the brain. Overtime, the cells mutate or multiply thus leading to a tumor. The tumor may either be benign, hence will not spread to other regions. The tumor may also be termed as malignant thus will spread to the regions surrounding the brain. Cancer of the brain is classified according to the affected tissue cells. The types of cancer are as follows:


Meningioma takes place in the meninges. This is the tissue that protects the brain’s outer membrane and also the spinal cord. Although the brain cancer usually starts from the cerebral hemispheres, it may also originate from other parts of the brain. Women aged over 65 years are more prone to suffering from this type of cancer .Malignant Meningioma spreads slowly, and is usually removed through surgery. Symptoms of the cancer include eyesight problems, headaches, inaudible speech, and nausea.

Gliomas / Glioma Tumor

This is one of the most common types of brain cancer. It usually affects adults. The cancer affects the glial cells which protect and surrounds the brain. The cancer is a primary form of cancer since it originates from the brain.


Oligodendroglioma is also one of the many types of brain cancer. It is a malignant form of cancer hence will spread to other surrounding tissues. The tumor affects the brain’s supporting cells as well as the cerebrum. Known symptoms of the cancer include headaches, seizures, feeling sleepy, weak muscles, as well as personality changes.

Ependymomas Tumor

This is a brain tumor of the secondary type. It is also related to glioma. It may start in the brain, but mainly affects the spinal cord. Ependymomas is quite widespread, but it develops at a rather slow pace.

Vestibular Schwannomas

Vestibular Schwannomas is also known as Acoustic Neuromas. It is one of the rare forms of brain cancer, and affects a very small number of the population. The cancer originates from the Schwann cells. These are the cells that cover the vestibular and the acoustic nerves. The vestibular nerve is responsible for balance, while the acoustic nerve affects hearing.

The tumor is malignant, but is spreads very slowly. A person suffering from acoustic neuromas will experience constant buzzing or ringing inside the ear, poor balance, as well as hearing loss on one side. Radiation therapy is used to treat malignant tumor.


Medulloblastoma usually affects children aged below ten years. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that is affected by this cancer. This tissue has an important role of controlling the movement of the muscles. It is a malignant tumor which can spread very fast to other regions in the brain. Symptoms experienced by a victim of the brain cancer comprise of twitching eye movements, headaches, weak muscles, and neck stiffness. Medulloblastoma is commonly treated through a combination of methods such as radiation, surgery, and also chemotherapy.


Astrocytoma is among the types of brain cancer that affects both children as well as adults. The tumor originates from star shipped brain in the cerebellum known as astrocytes. It is not very malignant hence will remain inside the spinal cord and the brain.


Lymphoma brain cancer develops in the lymphoid tissue. The cancer cells affect the lymphocytes which are essential for coordinating the body’s immune system. The cancer grows very fast and is also very malignant. People who have a weak immune system such as those suffering from immuno-suppression condition, AIDS or HIV are more likely to be affected by this form of cancer.

Over the last decade, the number of cancer cases has been on the rise. This is being attributed to changes in lifestyle, genetics, poor nutrition, harmful substances, among other causes. Diagnosing brain cancer can become complicated especially if the disease has become terminal. It is therefore important to always go for regular brain cancer checkups. Seeking medical help while the cancer is in its early stages is also necessary. But the most important factor to avoid the different types of brain cancer is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and consuming a healthy nutrition.

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