Types of Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying refers to the use of compulsion or force with the aim of to intimidating or abusing others. Bullying can be either at school level or even workplace. This unwarranted behavior involves an imbalance of physical or social power whereby the one with less physical or social power is abused by those with more power. Bullying can be verbal threats or harassment, physical coercion or assault and may be targeted repeatedly on a specific victim, possibly on bases of gender, race, sexuality, religion or ability among other affects.

Workplace bullying is a form of bullying that takes place at the place of work. Workplace bullying usually occurs inside the instituted policies and rules of a society and organization. Such abusive actions are not inevitably illegal and might not be against the organization’s policies. Nevertheless, the harm instituted on a targeted employee or a team is obvious. Below, you will find the different types of workplace bullying.

Types of Workplace Bullying

Isolation – This is one of the types of workplace bullying that involves being excluded in various operations at workplace, whether social or physical. For instance, the victim can be isolated by other employees or the employer from taking part in team work or having a say in team work. This can also involve a victim being ignored whenever he or she requires some form of assistance from another employee or employer, who is the bully. Such a victim is not permitted to accessing information and is also excluded in accessing various opportunities such as promotions at workplace.

Destabilization – This is a form of workplace bullying that involves unfairness in evaluation of effectiveness of the employee in doing various tasks assigned to him or her. For instance, the victim is subjected to allocation of multiple tasks that are meaningless just to be bothered or else abused. The victim is also repeatedly reminded of mere or non-existent poor performance. Whenever such a victims performs exceptionally, such performance is never acknowledged. The victim can be suspended, expelled, or removed from a position without meaningful reasons.

Overworking – This is a form of workplace bullying that involves a victim being burdened with too much work than necessary. To add to this, the victim is made to do the excessive work under immense pressure with tight deadlines that are impossible to meet. The victim is also disrupted from doing the excessive work despite the tight impossible deadlines.

Professional Status Threats – This is a form of workplace bullying that involves the victim undergoing humiliation in public regarding his or her profession. The victim is usually falsely accused of incompetency and is intimidated by use of disciplinary procedures. Whenever such a victim makes an opinion, the opinion is belittled.

Personal Standing Threats – This is a form of workplace bullying that involves a victim being abused in such a way that he or she is called names, made fun of inappropriately, insulted and his or her personal integrity is undermined.

All these types of bullying in the workplace can take place at various workplace environments such as in medicine, nursing, teaching, academia, I.T, and blue collar jobs among any other workplace.

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