Types of Fall Flowers

Fall is the time to see some amazingly beautiful flowers that are as attractive as summer flowers. Fall flowers show flaunting and vibrant colors with shades of orange, mauve, yellow, red and blue.

The Flowers of Fall


With large pink blooms and rust colored centers, a coneflower is an elegant fall flower. The flowers are 4 inches broad and can brighten up any occasion.

Aster Flower

Comes in shades of lavender, pink and purple which looks like bloomed starburst. The magnificent beauty of the flower is displayed by the contrast yellow colored center.

Japanese Anemones

Beautiful bright white or cotton candy colored flowers of fall. They continue to survive throughout winter until the beginning of frost.


Though they are not as large as other fall flowers, you will surely get swayed with its wonderful fragrance. They are bright white in color and generally stop to grow after the end of autumn.

Petunia Flower

With shades of pink, red and purple these flowers display glorious beauty. Some flowers are single colored while some may be of two shades of the same color.

Joe Pye Weed

It has large stems with vibrant colored flowers and foliage. The plant can reach up to a height of seven feet making it best suitable for background decoration and landscaping.

Impatiens Flowers

This is a shade tolerant, beautiful flower that grows well in summer and fall. These are super delicate and come in shades of yellow, orange, red, pink and white.

Autumn Snowflake

White colored flowers with drooping stem that reminds of snow drops. The bell shaped flowers open up to show its beauty throughout fall.

Autumn Crocus

It resembles the shape of spring crocus and generally blooms in shades of purple and lilac mixed with white.


Grows in wonderful shades of pink and white with a bright yellow centre. It resembles much like aster flower and daisy. They are extremely easy to grow and maintain.


One of the beautiful flower of the fall with many bright and beautiful colors. When it blooms in two tones, it resembles a smiling face and looks magnificent. They are delicate and small as compared to other fall flowers.


Though they start growing in summer, they tend to bloom throughout fall. Bright colored petals are in shades of yellow, orange and red. Marigold is surely to change the aura of the place it grows.


It resembles spikes arising from the shoots in flaunting colors of white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and red. The foliage growing along the flower multiplies its beauty.


The flowers bloom in shades of blue, white, yellow and pink resembling much of weeping hyacinth. It has long shoots with flowers that grow as spikes.


Beautiful fall flowers with bright goblets. These bulb shaped flowers are mostly found in golden yellow shades and sometimes resembles crocuses.

Thanksgiving Cactus

It is perennial plant and blooms in every fall. The flowers are in shades of white, pink and red. They are best suitable for a table centerpiece or when kept outside a glass window.

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