Types of Lemon Trees

A lot of people don’t know that lemon trees are actually evergreens. Not only that, but they’re also technically a hybrid which is thought to have originated from a cross between the bitter orange, and a citron almost a thousand years ago.

These days, lemons are a tropical & delicious staple of many people’s daily lives. It’s a great citrusy ingredient for many recipes, including the occasional cocktail, and it also makes a great ingredient for natural cleaning products.

There are a few different varieties of lemon trees as you’ll see listed below:

Eureka Lemons – These are the most common lemons that you tend to find at the grocery store. It is hearty and is known to bear fruit through all four seasons.

Bonnie Brea – Mostly grown in southern California, this is lemonon tree bears oblong fruits with a soft skin.

Femminello St. Teresa or Sorrento – This lemon tree, of Italian origin, is a zesty lemon known as the variety from which the liqueur, limoncello, derives its characteristic flavor.

Meyer Lemon Tree – This tree bears fruit with a delicate skin, so it’s not often used commercially since it can be easily damaged in shipping. It’s flavor is a bit less acidic than other lemons, and can make a delicious ingredient if you were to grow this tree yourself.

Ponderosa – This is a heart variety with a thick skin that seems to be a hybrid of a lemon and a citron.

Lisbon – This in Australian/New Zealand breed of lemon tree which is known for its spiny skin, bitter flavor, and for having many seeds.

There we have the main lemon tree types. If we’ve forgotten your favorite, give us a shout out about it in the comments.


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  1. Teirsa Plum

    What type of lemon tree is pictured here? Would the one pictured do well in a desert climate?


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