Types of Lip Piercings


There are more different types of lip piercings than there are ear piercings.  These are a divided into single piercings, and pairs or sets called “bites.”  Almost all bite piercings are lip piercings.

The exceptions are the venom bites piercing, which is a pair of tongue piercings, and the vampire bites piercing which is a pair of surface piercings done on the neck.  Anyway, this list should cover all of the types of piercings for the lips.


types-of-lip-piercingsSingle Lip Piercings

  • Standard Lip Piercing – This is a single piercing done off centered on the lower lip.  A captive bead ring (CBR) or labret stud can be worn.
  • Monroe Piercing – This is a single piercing done on the left side of the upper lip and is named for the mole on Marilyn Monroe’s lip.  Usually a labret stud is worn in this piercing.
  • Madonna Piercing – Similar to the Monroe piercing, but done on the right-hand side.
  • Medusa Piercing – A piercing done just above the center of the upper lip.
  • Labret Piercing – This is a piercing done just below the center of the lower lip.  Technically, “labret” is a type of jewelry, and this piercing is called a “center lip piercing,” but most people understand that this is the location of the “labret piercing” as it’s frequently called. A labret stud or captive bead ring can be worn.
  • Vertical Labret Piercing– Similar to the labret, except that it is pierced vertically with one end coming out of the standard labret piercing area, and the other coming up through and out of center of the actual lip.  A  bent barbell or CBR is worn in this piercing.
    • Ashley Piercing – A variation of the vertical labret, but the lower hole in the piercing is actually in the mouth leaving just the hole on the lip visible.
  • Jestrum Piercing – This piercing is like the vertical labret, but done on the top lip like the Medusa.
  • Dahlia Piercing – This piercing is done at the corners of the mouth.  It’s more common to see this piercing done in pairs, though it doesn’t have to be.



Bite Piercings

  • 2 Piercings
    • Snake Bites Piercing – The snakebites piercing is a pair of piercings with one on each side of the lower lip.
    • Angel Bites Piercing – This piercing is like the snakebite, but on the upper lip.
    • Dolphin Bites Piercing – This piercing is two piercings centered on the lower lip, similar to the snake bite piercing, but closer together.
    • Spider Bites Piercing or Viper Bites Piercing – This is a pair of piercings that are close together and on the bottom lip
    • Cyber Bites Piercing – This is a combination of the Medusa and Labret piercings – one piercing done in the center just above the top and just below the bottom lip.
  • 4 Piercings
    • Shark Bites Piercing – This is a pair of spider/viper bites piercings – two close together piercings done on both sides of the lower lip – 4 piercings total
    • Canine Bites Piercing – This is single piercing done on both sides of both the upper and lower lips.  Basically, a combination of the Angel bite & Snake bite piercings.
That’s all of the different types of lip piercings that currently have names.  If I’ve forgotten anything, or they come up with the name for a spiderbite piercing on the upper lip, let me know in the comments.


  1. you forgot devil bites: http://www.shoptattooedlady.co.uk/WebRoot/Store2/Shops/es133946/4D62/999F/0241/3218/9EA1/0A0F/110C/6874/devil-bites_m.jpg
    I’d never heard of canine or dolphin bites before I came here so thaanks,
    also you left verticle lowbret and lowbret (the low snake bites) out: http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/gallery/data/508/medium/piercings_3.jpg

    Just trying to help

    • Thanks! I’ll have to add them to the post and pic when I get a chance.

    • I thought spider bites where the ones where you have them on both sides of your bottom lip

    • Hi do you think there is a specific age you should get the standard lip piercing, is 14 to young?

      • I pierced my own lip when I was 14 lol now I’m 15 and I have my septum, snakebites, and a Monroe. I’m about to pierce my upper lip again so I can have canines

      • I’m 16 and I have my tounge pierced (done three years ago) snakebites in (done last year but repierced a few times) Septum pierced, Smiley pierced(inside mouth under upper lip) frowny pierced(opposite to smiley)tounge web pierced(under my tounge) and strechers with studs up my ears

  2. Thanks for letting me see the kinds of piercings! I have made up my mind and I’m getting Snake Bites.. Thanks again!

  3. I have standard lip piercing and spider bites 🙂 there are a lot of types of lip piercing, even impossible to resist to try more 😀

  4. hey can you get Canine Bites but just one on my lower lip what would you call that

  5. Hey, do you know if there is a name for where you have sharkbites two sets of angelbites done (so two on each side).a labret and a jestum?
    Sorta like this: ” ‘ ”
    ,, , ,,
    That’s what I want to do and if there isn’t a name ill com up with one

  6. made up my mind im getting shark bires i just got started on my gauges npw to start a new project xD

  7. Is there a name for the madonna but on the bottom lip?

  8. I really want snake bites. I am in love with them.

  9. I have a Monroe piercing. ^.^

  10. I have sharkbites and im thinking of getting a vertical labert, do you think that would look cool? i think it would

  11. Dahlia piercing – need it naow!

  12. I’m getting shark bites as soon as I get paid next week <3

  13. Can I use a dermal anchor piercing to do the Monroe or Madonna?

    • I dunno; I’ve never seen it done. Why would you want to do that instead of the traditional piercing?

      Either way, you should probably ask your piercer to see if he/she’d be willing to give it a shot. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

      • Thanks! I work at a place where piercings are not allowed and a dermal piercing would allow me to take off the stud and not worry with replacing the bar daily. Less handling the cleaner it can stay.

        • Ah, that makes sense. I got my eyebrow pierced when I was in the military, and I basically had to come home and repierce it every day. It took more than 6 months to fully heal.

  14. Whats best to get first for a lower lip piercing, a stud or CBR? Thanks:D

    • Why not both? CBR one day, stud the next; mix it up. If you’re talking about healing though, I prefer studs for that. They don’t move around as much.

  15. I really want shark bites and angel bites put together then i mite do ny nose but ivwant it to look good not like weirdo with piercings tht don’t look rite wit them

  16. I am 13amd I haVe spider bites I did em today I am so proud feel awesome

    • I don’t even know what to say to this… I hope you were safe with the piercing that I assume you did yourself. Please take good care of it and keep it clean. Please please please seek medical attention at any signs of infection (swelling, redness, puss, tenderness, etc.).

  17. Okay, I’ve been looking around and can’t find a name for this. I already have my labret, and I’m about to also get snake bites. So it’s 3 piercings on the bottom of my lip. I just really wanna know if there’s a name.

  18. Okay, so I’m thinking about spiderbites on the right side, if I do thay, what side of my nose do you think I should pierce so it doesn’t look all funky?

    • Difficult to say without knowing what your face looks like. It basically comes down to personal preference though. Some people like the way alternate side placement looks, some people like having them on the same side. You’re the one who has to look at your face every day, so it’s really just up to you. You could play around with some clip-ons or magnetics if you really want to investigate how things look.

  19. Your forgot horizontal labret! Actually, you forgot alot of vertical labret piercings, such as having them on either side of the lip or on both sides. Also, a few years ago I had gotten piercings that were horizontal labrets on both sides but I had gotten them slanted so I looked like I had snake bites as well as a horizontal labret. I’ll send a picture if I can find one. I don’t think anyone has gotten those.

    • Yeah I tried to stick with the more popular configurations/those that have names. With at least 10 different placements there are probably over a million possible combinations.

  20. I fucked up, I meant to say I had vertical labrets on both sides that were slanted!

  21. I have an idea for sets of piercings if anyone wants to take it 😛 Snakebites, and then a medusa could be called a pyramid piercing. If you have shark bites and a jestrum it could be called a double pyramid…if there’s already a name then can someone tell me?

  22. What do you call 1 snakebite on the rightside?

  23. You also forgot to put a horizontal lip piercing in!
    Its a bar going horizonatally through the lower lip kind of like dophin bites only on the lip itself

  24. Which should I get, Angel Bites, Snake Bites, or Shark Bites? I like them all but I can’t choose by myself!!!

  25. Hi, I have spider bites currently and was looking for another lip piercing. Thanks for this list. I’m going to get shark bites 🙂

  26. Is there a name for a piercing that is like spider bites and then one piercing on the other side?

  27. I have shark bites and getting angel bites in a few days, cool or not ? And is there a name for it, if not give me an idea of a name I could use please ? ^.^ <3

  28. I want to get shark bites (all 4 at the same time) how long does it normally take the swelling to go go down?

  29. I thought of a type of bite it is snakes and a labret I call it squid bites XD

  30. I’ve heard z couple people call spider bites on the top lip kitty bites. not sure if that is what theyre actually called, but its an adorable name for them!

  31. They still haven’t got a name for the set of piercings I have, which is a little frustrating, but then again, I’m the only person (to my knowledge) that has such a set done 🙂

    • What have you got?

      • Double snakebites, one set underneath the other

        • That sounds so cool. I want lots of facial piercings but I do an outside of school activity that doesn’t allow un-natural hair colour of any piercings aside the one set of lobes. But i hav my tragus done and i’m gonna get my tongue and lots of other ear piercings done. 😛 i’m so excited

  32. i Have Canine Bites Nd They’re Sexy Af (*

  33. I haven’t found a name for cyberbites that are on the side, not in the middle. So basically a madonna + one on the same side in the lower lip. Any clue what that is called? 🙂

  34. Okay so I got my lip pierced 8 days ago and every now and again there blood on the hole and ring. Does that mean it’s infected?

  35. Hey, I would love to get snake bites caz i think they are really awesome. Just for now I’m wearing fakes and my friends are saying that I should get them done and they say it will really cool/awesome. I really want to get them done but i will probably wait till I’m 16, or I will ask if I can get them done this year on my 15th Birthday, I just can’t wait!! 😀 I want them done so badly.
    I love Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides and that’s why I want them done 😀

  36. I am 15 going on 16 in 2 months exactly (yay) and I am getting spider/viper bites I think.
    I really want snake bites, but I don’t know. My face is sort of oval-ish. Like I know it will look good for any piercing I am thinking about because I’ve had plently of fakes in.
    My boyfriend thinks spider bites. And I was wondering about peoples opinion on venom bites as apposed to normal tongue piercings. I don’t know I can’t decide. My boyfriend is getting a normal piercings this week. What sounds better?

    Thank you so much, I LOVE this website. It is my saviour from looking up all the different types of lip piercings individually. 😀 <3

    • I don’t really have a preference one way or the other towards venom bites. They look pretty cool and are more rare than the single piercing, but it’s also a more complicated piercing and might require additional healing time etc. It depends on how much YOU like the look, and how much you trust your piercer to do the venoms.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found my little site useful. 🙂

      • Yeah I know. And I am prepared to do any healing time I have to. I just need to talk it through with a few people.
        I trust the piercer with tongue piercings because she has done 5 of my friends tongues and multiple other piercings and non of them has gotten infected.

        Yes it is very helpful. My new one-stop-shop you could say 🙂

    • what are venom bites

      • Venom bites are two tongue piercings. One on either side of the tongue. They are not very popular but some people think they look great. My boyfriend isn’t a fan and say I can’t get them 🙁 so sad!

  37. what about when you have one viper/spider or an madonna or monroe on the bottom lip?

  38. i love piercings! i think they are hot! im getting snakebites next month when my dad gets paid! im soooo excited! i might get angelbites too but not suree yet! thanks for the list of piercings! 🙂

  39. what would you call it when you have your snake bites and labret done

  40. SO I want all the mouth piercings canines,cyber bites n dahlia but do you think its a little bit to much

  41. I wanna get both spider bites or shark bites for my first lip piercing but I can’t decide which one to get…should I get spider bites and then just finish the shark bites later if I want to, or should I just go ahead with the shark bites?

    • I guess it depends on whether you want two sessions of healing time. Like if you wanna get it all out if the way then yeah. But it would take a lot of caring for aswell… I guess you should think about how comfortable you will be when you are healing

      • I think I’ll start out with spider bites and see how it goes and once I get that fully healed and healthy then I’ll get the other half of shark bites done

  42. I saw some lip piercing that looked like a spider bite but in the upper lip I have no idea what it’s called tho some say its a double Monroe and angel bite but I can’t find them anywhere anyone know what their called?

  43. I’m getting Shark bites and angel bites, Plugs and dimples 🙂

    • That sounds epic. Dimple piercings are the bomb, I really want some but most of my family are against them and I have an outside school activuty that doesn’t allow piercings anywhere other than the lobe OR coloured hair :/ How much do you wanna stretch your ears?

  44. So when I move out I’m gonna do what I couldn’t. get piercings. How bad of an idea would it be to get snake bites, Industrials, and start gauging my ears at the same time?

    • Well it depends on how much you like the idea of having numerous holes in your body. Because when I got my trahus piercing, afterwards, I felt queezy and dizzy. From ONE hole stuck in my body, wimpy I know. Just think about what you will physically feel like, because you have to take care of all of them at the same time, just choose what you are most comfortable with. 😀 Good luck

  45. They’re all so wonderful looking! I want to get spider, jestrum, and frowny/smiley around the same time; but I figure that might be a little too much for my face. :/

  46. What is the single piercing called near the edge of the lower lip?

  47. snake bites on the top are called angel bites

  48. Hmm… I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a lip piercing for a while, and just recently decided I’m sure I want one. Now I just need to figure out which I want! This really helps.

  49. I plan on getting sharkbites and angelbites… i feel like there should be a name for that combo. By the time I’m done i should have 9 facial piercings (already have my nostril, getting septum and bridge).

  50. i have snakebites, ashleys and a labret…;)

  51. What is it called if you get snake bites and then a labret??

  52. I have shark bites, nose, septum, 2 eyebrow, gauges & tongue c: Thinking about getting my labret done, not sure though? hmm

  53. has anyone ever put tusks in for their lip piercings? i was thinking about getting dahlia and putting tusks in, sorta like an elephant.

  54. Face piercings?, don’t do it. From anything more than three feet away it just looks like a wart or some other nasty skin affliction, close up,it just looks scummy, you can not improve on nature so don’t even try.

    • I guess that’s one opinion… I think there are quite a few people who would beg to differ, myself included.

    • Then why visit this website, stooge… by the way, Pierce, you forgot the horizontal bottom lip piercing. I had it for a little while but it rejected due to the piercer putting in the wrong jewelry :/ anywho, i don’t think there’s any cute name for it but it’s where the barbell is centered on the lip. Thinking of getting it again someplace else but this list has me unsure!! Cool shit

  55. I’m either getting spider bites or snake bites this weekend :3 , but which is better?

  56. Is there a name for a spider bite on the upper lip? have a monroe and I want a piercing right next to it creating a kind of upper lip spider bite?

  57. So I have some lip rings but they’re not exactly any of the ones above. They’re not close enough to be spider bites and they’re not far enough to be snake bites. They’re more towards the center and they’re about 3/4 of an inch apart. When I got them the person told me what they were called but I have forgotten since it’s been about six years since then. Everyone just kept calling them snake bites and I became tired of correcting them. Do you know what they are called by any chance? It’d be awesome to know. My friends and I have just began calling them Jo Bites since my nickname is Jo but I would love to know the actual name. 😀

  58. I just got the Madonna o e and thinkin of doing piercings on by belly button and all the way down my ear. Should i. But i won’t do it in one day!

  59. I have snakebites and cyberbites, and I’m not sure what to call it… maybe mega-bytes… =D

  60. Hi! Im 15 and im going to get a standard lip piercing in a couple of days. Ive only ever had my ears pierced when I was super little so I dont remember how it felt, I just wanted to know on a scale of 1-10, for the first time getting a lip piercing done, how bad will it hurt? Im getting a horseshoe hoop on it I think so I just wanted to see how bad its going to hurt. Please let me know thanks!! 🙂

  61. Josh aka Young BpB May 9, 2014 at 12:06 am

    You Forgot about Alien Bites……..
    ALIEN BITES — 3 on the bottom of your lip. it is where 1 on each side like snake bites then 1 in the middle (the Labret) (I do have a photo just like your lip ones that would do nicely for you just email me requesting it.

    Alien Bites Description – the middle (labret) is usually a stud and the 2 on the sides are usually warn as horseshoes or seamless rings. (most people tend to use spikes a lot). remember the alien movies alien with the tongue that comes out to eat? that’s the middle and the aliens fangs are the sides thus “Alien Bites”. (I myself have alien bites 12g)

  62. I really want to get angel bites do you think that would look cool?

  63. i self-pierce as a healthy alternative to cutting and i’ve run out of room on my ears. i’m torn between snake bites and spider bites for lip piercings (no upper lip piercings because THAT would drive me batty). basically my goal is if i can pierce it, i’m piercing it. except the lady bits, just no! 😛 any suggestions?

  64. I have viper bites

  65. I was looking for the name of my piercing… I have a medusa and snake bites, my friends been calling it the hydra… Since in stories they start with one head, (and so did I) then they grow two heads (got my second done) then they grow three (and then my lovely medusa joined in) eh, I think its catchy… Just a thought though 😛

  66. So.. I want a double Monroe/Madonna on one side… Eluvietie female singer has it.. I am wondering if there’s a name for it for when I go to get it pierced???

  67. I have an angle kiss lips piercing that no one else has..I love it thanks to Castle of Color in nicholasville Kentucky… Thanks To Mikey King and Sara Huser…love u guys..

  68. I just pierced my lip about 5 minutes ago. Fun fun fun. I like the way it looks. Found this site After I gave myself spiderbites. Now I know I didn’t mess up. Meh, I still would’ve kept it.

    Spider pig,
    Spider pig,
    Does whatever a spider pig does.
    Can he swing-
    From a wall?
    No he can’t.
    He’s a pig.
    Look out (look out, look out)

    It is the spider pig?

  69. Medusa + snake bites = illuminati bites

  70. What about the inverse lip piercing. I seen it on Instagram yesterday but I can’t find any posts about it via google.

  71. Is there a name for the lip piercing that consists of just one stud in the bottom corner of your mouth?

  72. I’m thinking of getting Dahlias, I already have snake bites. Would that look okay?

    • Well I dunno what your face looks like, so I can’t say. You could always try magnetic or clip-on jewelry to see if you like the look. Even Photoshop or something like it can help you get an idea.

  73. What are snake bites with a medusa?

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