Types of Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are a delight to the eyes. Not only do they breathe life and color in any garden, they also make a perfect way to bid goodbye to winter. The growing of spring flowers are a sign of the arrival of the long-awaited season when the gardens are very colorful because of the playful and bright shades of the wonderful spring flowers. The following are the main types of spring flowers.

The Flowers of Spring

Netted Iris

Netted Iris is available in different colors which includes yellow, white, a light shade of blue and purple. These flowers are best when grown in sunny boarders and rock gardens. They bloom between January and March and flowers between February and April. The botanical name of the Netted iris is Iris Reticulata. It grows up to nine inches and has a very sweet scent.

Mountain Laurel

The mountain laurel flower blooms during late springs and in early summer. Its buds have a unique shape making it to be among the unique flowers around. These flowers bloom best in we-drained, moist soil and with an acidic pH accompanied by a partial or full sun. However, its beauty has a negative side. The mountain laurel requires caution when holding it as it contains poison. In addition, children are recommended not to go near them.

Spring Snowflake

The shape of the spring snowflake looks like a bell shape and it grows in a drooping position. It has a distinctive color combination of some vivid green spots at the petal tips and white petals. This flower does not require any special care; it grows beautifully as long as it is watered well. The spring snowflake grows from February and March


This is a small flower but it grows in clusters highlighting a landscape. The botanical name of heather is Erica carnea, it grows best in well-drained acidic soils, and it is available in red shades, pink and white colors.

Glory of the Snow

This flower grows in three colors, each with unique characteristics. The blue flower is star shaped with white color at the center. It grows up to six inches in height. The pink one is also star- shaped but larger and will only grow up to four inches. The white glory of the snow grows in clusters with a star shape and can grow up to ten inches.


The lilac flower grows in variety of colors from purple to lavender, pink, white and their beauty stands out in both indoors and outdoors because they are great cut. This flower blooms best in well-drained soils and with full sun.

Winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)

These flower appear very early in spring. They are buttercup-like yellow flowers with a honey fragnance. They are best when used in rock gardens, in borders and near walkways because they are low on the ground.


The snowdrop can bloom even if there is some late lingering snow on the ground.

Witch Hazel

The witch hazel add a yellow touch in spring gardens


These flowers thrive early and hardy to snow and frost. They continue growing until the weather turns hot.

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