Types of Summer Flowers

All gardeners are aware that there are three important factors that influence how successful their gardens turn out to be. These factors are location, weather and soil. While spring may be the perfect season to enjoy a fully blooming garden, there are a few types of summer flowers that ensure your garden doesn’t look all that barren during those hot summer months. However, these flowers may need extra care and attention to guarantee a healthy bloom. Read on to find out which flowers you can grow during summer and some care tips to ensure you have a colorful garden all summer.

The Flowers of Summer


The Rose is probably the most common summer flower across the globe. You may be surprised to know and currently there exists more than a hundred different species of the flower. They are available in 8 different forms of flower heads. They are usually planted as soon as the summer months start heating up the soils. They prefer growing in open and free areas.


Iris is the earliest summer flower that blooms each summer. They are available in various colors with the most common ones being purple and yellow. One fascinating feature about this plant is that it can grow up to 30 flowers per stem. The bearded iris is probably the most popular type of irises. They get their name from their petals which give a beard-like impression.


Peonies bloom the same time as irises and are among the most popular types of summer flowers. Like the Iris, this flower too blooms a little before summer and is available in various colors. Most often how you plant the flower influences its color. Sarah Bernhardt is the most common Peony flower and blooms in a hot pink color. This flower is also the easiest summer flower to take care of which gives them a long life span.


Cosmos flowers are still considered summer flowers although they bloom in October. This is probably because they, like all other types of summer flowers, are able to bear the heat. Cosmos flowers are available in more than 20 different species and are grown mainly in Mexico and the United States. They grow best when they are exposed to maximum sunshine and can grow up to two feet in height.

Bee Balm

Bee Balm is arguable one of the most interesting types of summer flowers. They grow in clusters and have a life span of approximately three years. Though this is a summer plant, it must be planted in a shady place or the sunlight will dry out its petals and soil. It is available in fifteen different species.

Tips For Growing Summer Flowers

It’s not rocket science to know that the hot summer months are going to leave the soil drier than any other season. Therefore, you need to water your flowers well during the summer. However, refrain from over-soaking them with water.

Use a fertilizer if necessary to ensure your flowers get all the nutrients they require. Compost and well-rotten manure are two very good natural fertilizers that will ensure healthy looking plants.

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