Types of White Roses

White Roses look great. Many people love white roses because they easily blend with other colors, they look stunning in the garden and can be used for various functions like wedding bouquets. White roses are symbols of true love, purity, youthfulness, silence, innocence, silence and peace. Here is a brief on the famous ten types of white roses:

White Rose Variaties

John F. Kennedy – The great flourishing fragrance, grand brush, and nicely arranged petals have over the years paid tribute to the late president, a symbol of timeless grace. This flower is perfect for the garden and blends perfectly with blue. They are climbing and scented roses.

Pope John Paul II – Pope John Paul II is the finest rose flower in this category. It is highly luminous and very pure. The rose flower has a fresh circuit fragrance and is delightful. This species is known for vigorous growth, blossoms perfectly, disease resistance and delightful fragrance.

Iceberg – Iceberg does not require much maintenance; it naturally covers itself in pure white, large double flowers and grows in any climate. Iceberg is best known for its versatile color and mounding profile.

Moondance Floribunda – This flower has been awarded twice. It was originated from Iceberg, it is more fragrant and vigorous blooms. Moondance Floribunda has wide petals, densely populated and larger clusters of the flowers. The rose flower has raspberry essence. It is creamy-white, and mild-dew resistant

Sombreuil Antique Climber – Like the name suggests, Sombreuil Antique Climber is easy to train on a picket fence or pillars. It has white clustered double ruffled flowers. It is amazing because it shines in the dark. It has dark green foliage.

Sweet Freedom Hybrid Tea – Florists love this type of white rose flower because it has a slight tint of green on the petals outer buds. It is also highly resistant to rust and mildew.

Mermaid Antique Climber – A unique climber initially introduced in early 1918. The flowers are single yellow blooms, relatively large and open to white. This flower can survive even during the most humid summers. They are fast climbers good for arches and arbors.

Fair Bianca – This flower belongs to David Austin. The name is featured in Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” It makes perfect borders, also referred to as hedge flower. The flowers look creamy and open in saucer shape. It has an intense fragrance smelled some feet away. Planting them in mass gives spectacular results.

Gourmet Popcorn – Gourmets Popcorn is miniature in size, have lots of blooms that seem to be in cascading cluster. The flower bush grows straight/upright and bushy. The flowers are called popcorns because they have yellow centers resembling popcorn bowls. They do not have high fragrance.

Sheers Bliss – Sheers Bliss is white flowers with pink middle. The foliage is not very green, have medium bush and little fragrance. This flower will literary grow anywhere.

John F. Kennedy, Pope John Paul II, Iceberg, Moondance Floribunda, Sombreuil Antique, Climber, Sweet Freedom Hybrid Tea, Mermaid Antique Climber, Fair Bianca, Gourmet Popcorn and Sheers Bliss are the most common types of white roses. The white roses generally have strong fragrance, beautiful and nice blend with other colors. Go for the most preferred white rose for the occasion.

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