A List of The Different Types of Birds

types of birds

Birds are feathered, bipedal, winged, egg laying, warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Aves. Research findings demonstrate that there are over ten thousand various species of birds across the world. From varied communication skills, size, shape, colors, diet and feeding requirements, to types of flight, these-creatures-are-nothing-short-of-marvel. This article takes you through different types of birds that include the rare and common birds.


Owls sleep by the day and stay awake through the night. They hunt in the night for hares, rats, insects, particular fish and other birds. Owls can be found world over except for regions of Antarctica & remote islands. The distinct feature of an owl is its ability to rotate its head in any direction.


Quails fall under the pheasant family. These medium sized birds mainly feed on insects and seeds. Certain quail species are hunted on farms or in the wild, raised to be cooked or lay eggs.


There are four different Avocet species found around the world i.e. Andean Avocet, American Avocet, Red necked Avocet and Pied Avocet.

You can find these long legged birds in Europe, North & South America, and Australia. Avocets are with webbed feet and an upturned, thin bill.

They live in large-colonies and are popular for their aggressiveness and defensiveness if threatened.


They are known to imitate sounds of other birds. Catbirds are Grey in color, and have a chestnut shade under their tail.

Different Catbird species are found in various regions of the world. They include Black Catbird, Gray Catbird, Green Catbird, Spotted Catbird etc.

Bald Eagle

You can find these eagles near coastlines and in marshes. They are with large, broad wings.

They stand out because of their heads and tails which are white in color.

They feed on rabbits, fish, ducks, geese, reptiles etc.


Doves are usually smaller than a pigeon and with a longer tail in appearance. They are often associated with peace and romance. They feed on plants, seeds and fruits to survive. Orange Dove, Rock Dove, Whistling Dove, Laughing Dove and Eared Doves are just but some of the few different Dove species you can come across.


They live in large colonies. They are pink in color and with a unique beak capable of eliminating silt and mud before feeding.

You can find them in many African countries. The various species of Flamingo are Andean flamingos, Greater Flamingos, Chilean Flamingos etc.


Herons slightly resemble spoonbills and storks. You can find them near wetlands. They prey on insects, fish & other aquatic animals.


There are 3 different types of geese you can find around the world i.e. black geese, white geese and grey geese. They-are-medium-to-large in size and you can easily domesticate them.

Geese are vegetarians by nature.


You can come across 90 different Kingfisher species across the world. They can be found in woodland areas and wetlands.

Kingfishers are good divers when it-comes-to-catching-fish-in rivers. They are also with remarkable eyesight both in air and under water.


The peafowl relate to two bird species. The female is termed as peahen whereas the male is referred to as peacock. They mostly feed on seeds, insects, flower petals and reptiles.


You can find Penguins in the Southern hemisphere i.e. Antarctica.

Penguins are aquatic birds and cannot fly. They live half of their lives on icy island and the other half in the chilly ocean waters.


Sparrows are with powerful bleaks and are plump. They feed on seeds and insects. They like dust bathing.


They are with a unique, colorful, large bill. These brightly colored birds feed on fruits and insects.


Vultures have brown bodies and bald heads. They are scavengers and will kill the sick or wounded animals.


Woodpeckers create tapping sounds when pecking on tree trunks for communication purposes. These birds feed on insects.

Eastern Blue birds

You can find them in gardens, orchards and woodlands. The males are bright-blue on the upper-half whereas the female-have-grayish head with blue-shades.


Cranes are long-legged & long-necked birds. They construct nests in shallow-waters and basically lay two-eggs at a time. Some species migrate over long-distances whereas others don’t.

They feed on insects, rodents, fish and amphibians.

Trumpeter Swan

This is one of the largest waterfowl bird in N. America. They live and nest in shallow wetlands near coastlines. They feed on fish.


Hawks are with short-hooked beaks, broad wings, and curved talons. They prey on frogs, insects and small animals.


Magpies are considered thieves, since they are known to steal young birds away from the nests. Magpies are usually self-reliant from their tender age with regard to hunting for their food.

There are many other birds such as swans, ducks, weavers etc that you can see in nature other than these.

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