All Different Types of Christmas Trees

types of christmas trees

There are many different types of trees available for Christmas. Although you may not always think about all of the differences before selecting a tree to bring home, this year you should take the time to learn about all the various Christmas tree types available.

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Christmas Tree

Although most people do not conduct research on all the different types of Christmas trees that are available, it can be a fun topic to learn about When deciding what tree to purchase this holiday season, you want to think about how much you plan to decorate the tree. This is because some trees are stronger and easier to decorate than others are. In addition, you also want to think about longevity and needle retention. Some trees retain their needles a lot longer than others do. There are many varieties, both real & artificial. Although there is a lot to consider when picking a tree out, by taking the time to get acquainted with all the various trees and reading all of the tips below, you will be on your way to selecting the best Christmas tree this holiday season.

Types of Real Christmas Trees

There is absolutely no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by going to pick out your fresh cut Christmas Tree. Real trees offer a natural, delicate feel and the aroma of pine needles that is reminiscent of the North Pole. Yet, as you approach your Christmas Tree stand you are going to be promoted with tons of variety and choices to make. Below is a list of popular Christmas Tree types and what they have to offer in order to help you make your choice.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is a truly beautiful tree. This tree gives off the classic Christmas scent of a freshly cut down tree and offers a vibrant green color that is an ideal aspect of the perfect Christmas tree. Yet despite the wonderful aspects of this tree, it does have a minor downfall, it does not hold it’s needles very well. These trees are known for t

heir strong graceful branches which make them ideal for hanging tons of pretty Christmas ornaments!

Scotch Pine

When decorating a Scotch Pine Christmas tree you may want to wear a pair of gloves because the needles of this tree are as sharp as can be! Despite their sharp points, the Scotch Pine is a stunning bright green color and has an excellent survival rate as well as strong needle retention, making this tree perfect for those who like to get into the Christmas spirit a little early. [More: Scots Pine tree]

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir Christmas tree is known for it’s luxuriously soft needles and elegant image. If you are opting for a Douglas Fir tree it is important to avoid ones that have perfect conical shape because those are much more difficult to decorate. This is the most popular type of Christmas Tree due to it’s iconic shape, seemingly perfect height availability and long lasting Christmas scent and interior life. As you are walking through the mall finishing up your holiday shopping and see a gorgeously decorate Christmas tree, chances are it is in fact a Douglas Fir!

Noble Fir

Noble Fir Christmas Trees feature a bold, dark green color. The branches of this tree are both airy and flexible making them ideal for string lights but less than reliable when it comes to holding heavy ornaments. Many Christmas tree farms allow families to come and cut down their own Noble Fir trees to display in their home; this is an excellent Christmas tradition that the whole family can look back on and smile. [More: Noble Fir Tree]

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine Tree make for classic looking Christmas decor. The branches from this tree are commonly use in wreaths and garlands. Their long and soft needles are rather plush making for a nice full tree but can be difficult to squeeze ornaments onto the large branches. These trees have prime needle retention but if you are looking for that classic Christmas aroma, than this is not the tree for you.

White Fir

With alluring foliage color, eye-pleasing natural shape and aroma, and amazing needle retention, the White Fir Christmas Tree is close to perfect. The needles are narrow at about one inch to one and a half inch and have the tendency to grow in rows. Although the classic Christmas scent may be pleasing to some, it is less than desirable to those with allergies. [More: White Fir]

Balsam Fir

Offering an attractive form and a pleasant fragrance, the Balsam Fir will make a Great Christmas tree to house all of your Christmas presents. It’s dark green flexible branches may be stunning but aren’t strong enough to hold tons of ornaments. These trees are great for those who like simplicity when it comes to their Christmas tree – a nice string of lights, some dazzling ornaments and you can’t forget the star on top!

Grand Fir

The Grand Fir is slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of real Christmas Trees. It is darker than most trees which creates a nice contrast with white lights and vibrant ornaments. It’s pleasant scent and classic form make it a top pick among those looking to get in the Christmas Spirit. Like many other fir trees, it’s branches are feather making it sometimes difficult to hold larger sized ornaments – on the plus side, the needle retention is very high.

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce Christmas Tree has the classic perfect triangle shape. The strong limbs make this tree the prime option for large and heavy ornaments. Although it is not a classic green tree, this tree is known for its pretty blue foliage which at times also appears to be silver. [More: Blue Spruce]

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is often refereed to as the perfect holiday tree. The tree lives up to its nickname with a silvery-green hue, firm branches that are perfect for ornaments of all shapes and sizes, and a variety of lengths to chose from. Despite its excellent needle retention it is still important that you keep it properly watered because at times it is known as the ‘thirsty’ tree as well. [More: Fraser Fir]

Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas is the time of year with the most joy and happiness. The most prominent symbol of all of the holiday joy is the Christmas Tree. Artificial Christmas trees have an abundance of advantages over real Christmas Trees from easy set-up, no messy pine needles and all the way to an elegant natural appearance. Below are types of artificial trees that are sure to bring tons of Christmas Spirit.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit artificial trees are without a doubt the most popular. They take the hassle out of wrapping and arranging wired lights around your tree as well as trying to figure out how many boxes of lights you need to buy. You will never have to worry about having a string of lights that are too long or short again. Not having to take the time to wrap lights around your tree allows you to enjoy the more fun aspects of the Christmas season such as cooking baking and caroling!

Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Fiber optic trees feature needles that are more flat and thin and glow with ever-changing colors which create a truly joyful image that the whole family will love to sit around while indulging in a cup of hot cider and jamming to their favorite Christmas jingles. With fiber optic trees there are no individual lights, instead, each needle glows in a variety of colors.

Colored Christmas Trees

Colored trees are an excellent option for those who want to truly customize the look of their tree. The colors range from pink, blue and yellow all the way to white, black and grey. The most popular colored tree is white. White Christmas trees resemble the look of an outdoor tree that is covered in show. Colored trees look especially elegant when decorated with coordinating colored ornaments and faux icicles.

Mini or Tabletop Christmas Trees

Mini or tabletop trees come in a variety of sizes that are much smaller than the typical Christmas tree. Their compact size makes great Christmas dinner centerpieces and work great for dorms and small apartments or even children’s room so they can have their very own tree to decorate as they wish. These trees may be small but they pack all of the beauty and symbolism as a normal-sized tree.

Upside Down Christmas Trees

Upside down Christmas trees provide a spectacular canvas for holiday decorating. These hanging trees create more floor space perfect for housing more presents for Santa to drop off. These trees may be uniquely hung upside down but can still be dazzling decorated with ornaments, lights and more!

Christmas Trees Made From Miscellaneous Materials

Want to venture away from the look of pine needles? Opt for a Christmas tree that is made of more unique materials such as ribbon, plastic and even feathers! These out of the ordinary trees have a similar look and feel to real trees but in a more stylish design perfect for those who like to kick off the holiday season by channeling their inner creative side.

Musical Christmas Trees

One of the best ways to to bring about holiday cheer is Christmas music. What better way to incorporate holiday music into the season than with a musical Christmas tree? There are artificial Christmas trees that play music and have lights that change with the sound of the music. It is almost as if the lights are dancing to the music. This brings a truly magical and charismatic holiday touch to your home.

Spinning Christmas Trees

Spinning Christmas trees have become very popular the past few years. Spinning Christmas trees rotate very slowly. This allows you to decorate the whole tree with all of your favorite ornaments and holiday lights. Without a spinning tree you only see the front half of the tree. Spinning artificial trees allow you to witness every gorgeous aspect of your Christmas tree. Christmas only comes once a year so taking advantage of every inch of your tree would be an excellent idea.

Scented Christmas Trees

Scented Trees give you the look and smell of a freshly chopped down tree without the mess of the pesky pine needles. Artificial trees that are embraced with scent of real trees truly cater to the senses. Nothing will be better than walking into your home while being welcomed with the scent an authentic Christmas tree- without the clean-up! With all the gifts you have to wrap, cookies you have to bake and cards you have to send out this holiday season the last thing you need to worry about is a mess.

Other Things to Consider When Selecting a Tree

Before heading out to buy a Christmas tree this holiday season, you want to examine the length and the needles. The tree that you purchase should stand perfectly straight. If the trunk of the tree has been cut crooked, then the tree will not stand straight anyway. If the tree does not stand straight, then you should consider selecting another one.

In addition, you also want to take the time to examine the branches and make certain that the needles are not falling off the tree. If the needles are falling off, then the Christmas tree you pick out is dry and moist. Trees that are dried out are much more flammable than trees that are fresh and moist. Since most fresh trees retain their moisture, you will have no trouble finding a fresh tree to bring home.

Once your tree is in your home, you want to make sure you place your tree a basin filled with water. Fresh cut trees need water to stay fresh once they have been cut. As long as you continue to replenish the water supply, your tree will stay fresh throughout the holiday season and not become a fire hazard

If your goal is to choose the best Christmas tree for your home or office, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of the trees that we have mentioned. These trees are not only some of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world; they are also sturdy and perfect for decorating. No matter what tree you select for your home or office, you will be glad you took the time to learn about all the popular types of Christmas trees before purchasing one this holiday season.

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