Daisy Flower Types

A daisy is a perennial that is simple but is considered as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It conveys happiness and good cheer. Hence, it is not surprising that it is a popular gift, as well as a planting material in one’s own garden. The daisy symbolizes purity and innocence. It also means new beginnings and loyal love.

The evergreen leaves of the daisy plant form a rosette and may be use in salads. The daisy flowers get to bloom at dawn and attracts many insects. The flowers are also the favorite play material of children when they string a few to make garlands out of the daisy chains.

The daisy is part of the sunflower family. It is colorful and dainty and can last from one to several cycles. It is highly diversified, where you can see a single white daisy to massive clumps of flowers that blossoms on shrubs. This diversity gives gardeners all the options in using them in home gardens.

Varieties of Daisies


This type is highly similar to the ox-eye daisies, with some varieties having double petals. Daisies of this type have blooms that have a round arrangement. It is best grown without direct sunlight.


The blooms of these plants are in a variety of colors. The plant is indigenous to Africa and may not be suitable for planting in all areas. This variety can thrive indoors as plant ornament. The cut flowers are good for flower arrangements.


This variety is otherwise known as Black-Eyed Susan, a perennial plant with yellow petals and a dark colored center that is brownish black. This variety grows to about three to four feet tall.


This variety comes in white, pink, or yellow flowers. It has a distinctive foliage which makes it a popular material for flower arrangement. The plant requires pruning to encourage blooming.


The other name is Echinacea, a long-lasting perennial that attracts butterflies. It is available in a variety of colors – pink, white, and purple, with the center as the eye catcher. This type is adaptable and can grow in several areas; it is also a good source as cut flowers.


Considered an herb, this plant can grow in profusion, so you need to prune it if you don’t want it to spread. This is a popular foliage to make as a casual bouquet, with a profusion of small daisies to brighten one’s day.


This is an annual that reseeds easily. Shade varieties are —white, pink, orange and chocolate brown.


Similar in to the ox-eye daisy in appearance, appears as the rest of the plants in the garden are fading. There is need to cut back at the start of spring for a bushier growth.

Leucanthemum vulgare

Marguerite, or OX-eye daisy, is a classic daisy that is found in the meadows. It grows to about 12-36 inches in height. This is a single white petaled flower with a yellow center that blooms in late spring or early summer.

Gerbera jamesoni

Otherwise known as Gerber daisy or African daisies, that is indigenous to South Africa. This is the most elegant variety, and popular for weddings. In cold climates this is an annual. As a perennial, they bloom all throughout the year and peaks in the summer or late fall.

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