The Different Types of Advertising

types of advertising

Advertising has involved in the most important types of communication with your potential customers, and there are numerous different and effective ways to get a message to customers. Proper advertising can skyrocket your business, and really give it a proper push into real money making, but it also has to be taken into account that there are bad advertisements that could just be harmful to business.

Today, advertising is of paramount importance for any business, so it should come as no surprise that some companies spend millions a year for advertisement purposes though many different channels. Below you will find a list of the different types of advertisements.

Internet Advertising  Since The Internet is slowly becoming the most mainstream platform for advertisement, with almost the whole world using Internet, it is logical that this may be one of the best ideas for advertising. One of the best ways is to get signed on Google’s Adwords program, where your advertisements will be shown on relevant websites, and you can get these ads presented as banners and text ads.

Social Media Advertising – Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, have billions of users, so it isn’t strange that most of today’s advertisement goes on popular social media websites like these and others. This is really just a more specific form of online advertising.

Email Advertising – Email loyalty programs and club are good way for businesses to stay in good touch with their customers. This is probably one of the cheapest and most cost effective possible advertisements out there.

Print Advertising – Print media is one of the oldest, and still one of the most popular and effective ways for advertising. Print media includes everything from newspapers, magazines to brochures and fliers. Newspapers are often having advertisement space, and cost will mostly depend about popularity of that newspapers, and its location and size in newspaper.

TV Advertising – TV is one of the most massive market forms of communication, for the last 60 years especially. It is still one of the most effective ways to reach to customers. Prices primarily depend upon duration, popularity of the network, time of day. Superbowl is one of the most popular times for TV commercials in USA, and it costs millions to get your ad into Superbowl schedule.

Radio Advertising – Radio advertising is one of the older types of advertisement, but it’s still one of the most popular ones. Advertisers can buy air time from radio stations, so they could air their ads.

Billboards, Events and Kiosks – Most common and popular ways of outdoor advertising are billboards, but we also shouldn’t underestimate the power of advertisement on locations such as kiosks, and certain events or trade shows. Billboard advertising is massively popular, but it also has to be eye-catching and creative, or else way it won’t get noticed.

Mobile and Cell Phone Advertising – This is one of the newest forms of advertising that is starting to prove an absolute hit, with its fast increase of popularity, especially since everyone now has smartphones, Kindles, iPads and other popular portable devices that have Internet connectivity.

Public Service Advertising – This is one of the less orthodox ways of advertising, since its main goal isn’t just to sell and advertise the product, but it priority is to educate and inform users about certain companies, products or services.

Product Placement Advertising – This is also one of the newer advertising methods that is starting to become very popular among business companies. Main concept of product placement is when some business offers compensation to movie, game or TV show to use their product, or service while entertaining audience. For instance, it can be paid to some TV show to depict product into particular scene, and of course in scene it should be talked positively about the product.

Guerrilla Advertising – This technique has really become more prominent over the course of last two decades and it is internationally used term for something unorthodox, and it is usually inviting its consumers to participate with product in some way.

Niche Advertising – Niche markets are areas of consumer demands in which a certain company tries to fulfill it with new, innovative products. Niche advertising targets smaller groups of customers, and this will probably prove to be even more popular in the future.

User-Generated Advertising – This is also one of the newest forms of advertising, and its goal is to let their customers to create ads for company brand. This type of ads is not cost prohibitive, and it allows company to generate more publicity as well as increase customer and user interaction.

Celebrity Advertising – One of the popular ways is to use popular celebrities to recommend, use or wear your product. This proved to be a great marketing idea, because much people are often listening and copying celebrities.

Aerial Advertising – This type of advertising includes using balloons, airships or aircrafts to display or create advertisement. Skywriting is a popular way of aerial advertising.

Coffee Cup Advertising – This type of advertising includes placement of ads upon a coffee cups that are being distributed in various offices or coffee shops.

This should be a complete list of all of the types of advertising out there. If I’ve forgotten any, let me know using the comment form below.

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