The Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

types of anxiety disorders

Fear and stress are normal human manifestations, however some people find it harder to cope with them resulting to anxiety disorder. This can be divided into six main categories, with sub-categories for some.

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – this is the most common type of anxiety disorder which is characterized by a constant and out of proportion worry and anxiety.
  • Panic Disorder – this is characterized by an unexpected intense fear or discomfort, also known as panic attacks.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder – this is normally diagnosed in children who are excessively anxious to be separated from a close family member, or even from home.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – this is triggered by a traumatic or violent experience, often beyond the normal range of a person’s coping capacity.
    • Acute Stress Disorder – this usually occurs right after the traumatic event, which can last from 2 days, or as long as 4 weeks.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – this happens when a person’s thinking is centered on possible dangers, urging them to take action to prevent them.
    1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder – people experiencing this have strong belief that they look ugly, or that certain parts of their body are different from others.
    2. Hypochondriasis – this is an overwhelming fear of having a life-threatening disease.
    3. Anorexia Nervosa – this is a compulsive behavior to deprive one’s self of food, and maintain thinness.
    4. Trichotillomania – this is manifested by pulling the patient’s own hair, resulting to bald patches on their head.
    5. Tourette Syndrome – this is characterized by jerky actions, tics and uncontrollable muttering of obscenities.
  • Phobic Disorder – this is manifested through an unexplainable fear of a particular object and is the type of anxiety disorder with the most sub-types. Below you will find a big old list of the different types of phobias.
    1. Ablutophobia – the fear of bathing or washing.
    2. Achlouphobia/Lygophobia/Myctophobia/Nyctophobia – the fear of darkness.
    3. Aeroacrophobia – the fear of open and high places.
    4. Agliophobia/Algophobia – the fear of pain.
    5. Agoraphobia – the fear of being in open spaces or crowd.
    6. Agraphobia/Contreltophobia – the fear of being abused sexually.
    7. Agrizoophobia – the fear against wild animals.
    8. Agyrophobia – the fear of streets, or crossing them.
    9. Altophobia – the fear of heights.
    10. Amaxophobia – the fear of riding a car.
    11. Androphobia/Arrhenophobia/Hominophobia – the fear against male human beings.
    12. Anthophobia – the fear of flowers.
    13. Antlophobia – the fear of flood.
    14. Arsonphobia – the fear of fire.
    15. Astraphobia/Brontophobia – the fear on thunder and lightning.
    16. Autophobia/Isolophobia/Monophobia – the fear of being left alone.
    17. Aviatophobia/Aviophobia – the fear of flying.
    18. Balenephobia – the fear against needles and pins.
    19. Bathophobia – the fear of depth.
    20. Caligynephobia – fear of pretty women.
    21. Chromatophobia – the fear of colors.
    22. Claustrophobia – fear of enclosed places.
    23. Coimetrophobia – the fear of cemeteries.
    24. Cyberphobia – the fear against computers or working with them.
    25. Dentophobia – the fear on dentists.
    26. Ecclesiophobia – fear on church.
    27. Eurotophobia/Kolpophobia – fear of women’s genitals.
    28. Francophobia – the fear of France and its culture.
    29. Genophobia – the fear of sex.
    30. Gerascophobia – fear of getting old.
    31. Heliophobia – being afraid of the sun.
    32. Hippophobia – being afraid of horses.
    33. Hoplophobia – fear of guns and other firearms.
    34. Hylophobia – fear of trees and forests.
    35. Iatrophobia – fear of seeing a doctor.
    36. Insectophobia – fear of all types of insects.
    37. Ithyphallophobia – the fear against seeing, thinking or having an erection.
    38. Kenophobia – the fear of empty spaces.
    39. Kymophobia – the fear of waves.
    40. Leukophobia – the fear of any white color.
    41. Ligyrophobia – the fear on loud noise.
    42. Lockiophobia/Maieusiophobia – fear of childbirth.
    43. Limnophobia – the fear of lakes.
    44. Melanophobia – the fear of any black color.
    45. Merinthophobia – the fear of being tied up or bound.
    46. Misophobia/Molysmophobia – the fear against contamination of dirt or germs.
    47. Motorphobia/Ochophobia – fear of vehicles.
    48. Myrmecophobia – being afraid of ants.
    49. Myxophobia – fear on slime.
    50. Necrophobia – the fear of death and dead things.
    51. Nosocomephobia – the fear of medical facilities.
    52. Obesophobia/Pocresophobia – fear of increasing one’s weight.
    53. Ombrophobia – the fear against rain or getting soaked under it.
    54. Ophidiophobia/Snakephobia – the fear of snakes.
    55. Panophobia – fear against everything.
    56. Pediophobia – the fear of dolls.
    57. Phasmophobia – the fear against ghosts.
    58. Placophobia – the fear of tombstones.
    59. Potamophobia – the fear of a river or any running water.
    60. Rhytiphobia – the fear of developing wrinkles.
    61. Scelerophobia – fear of bad people, like burglars.
    62. Sexophobia – fear against the opposite sex.
    63. Sociophobia – fear against the society or people.
    64. Taurophobia – the fear of bulls.
    65. Technophobia – fear of modern technology.
    66. Testaphobia – the fear of taking any test.
    67. Thalassophobia – the fear of seas.
    68. Thermophobia – fear of hot surfaces or heat.
    69. Trypanophobia/Vaccinophobia – the fear of injection or vaccination.
    70. Verbophobia – the fear of words.

It’s natural for a person to develop a fear for something, but if the anxiety becomes extra-ordinary, then it is best to seek the advice of a doctor. After all, prevention is better than cure.


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