The Different Types of Bass Guitars

A guitar is one of the most common musical instruments used in all genres of songs. There are a wide range of guitars found in the market which you can choose according to your needs. A bass guitar is one of the major types of guitar found in different music cultures. Below are the major types of bass guitars:

Upright bass

This is also referred as the double bass guitar. It is the traditional bass for genres of music ranging from country bluegrass to orchestral music. This guitar is very similar to the cello, which you can play using a bow or pluck with using the fingers. It contains an acoustic, hollow body and ranges from five or more feet tall in height.

Acoustic bass

This type of guitar looks more like the standard acoustic guitars with a traditional dreadnought design. Its small size makes it perfect for studio or stage playing. Its size also makes it convenient to play as you sit or stand. In most cases acoustic bass guitar comes with basic electronic amplification that makes it easy to plug into a public address system. The guitar produces a quiet sound making it perfect for any kind of music genres.

Electric fretted bass

The electric fretted bass guitar is the most popular bass that entered the market at the second decade of the millennium. The guitar has a solid body and can be equipped with many active pick ups that use battery to operate or the traditional passive pickups that do not require the batteries for them to operate. They have single frets on the neck that allows one to have accuracy with the note while playing. Electric fretted bass has versatility and as a result of the many electronics available, it can be perfect for any style of music.

Electric fretless bass

This type of bass guitar shares all the characteristics of the electric fretted bass, with the only exceptions being the frets. Its sound is similar to the upright bass because both of them do not have frets. The guitar is played by pushing the string against the fretboard leading to a deeper natural bass tone compared to the fretted bass guitar. This type of bass guitar is mostly used in country and classical genres.

Precision bass

This is another type of bass guitar that has one split coil electric pick up. It is one of the most popular types of bass guitars used even today. It produces a timbre that is different from that of other double bass guitar. It also has a less percussive thump and a clearer articulated fundamental tone.

Jazz bass

Jazz bass is a more articulate and defined sound compared to other types of bass guitars. It also has a brighter tone and richer in midrange. It is more perfect for bass guitar players who like being more forward in the mix.

Fender Jazz bass

This is a solid bass guitar that has two pick ups, a bridge tailpiece that is adjustable and four strings. It is usually built with a scale length of thirty four inches and can be played for any music genre.

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