The Different Types of Beards


Keeping a beard is not only an indication of manhood in society but a personality statement. Different men will spot different types of beards. Not all men can grow a proper beard and this generally depends on genetics.. Men will shave their beards or keep them considering a number of factors. These include their cultural backgrounds, the way the beards grow, trends and preferences.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and is ever-growing as people find new and creative ways to adorn their faces. If you have a beard you’d like to share, send it to us using the form to the right there, and we’ll post it up for all to bask in your beardy glory.

Full Beard – This is more of the Santa Claus look. This includes a moustache, a goatee; side burns and beards that extend to the neck. This look has been spotted by many superstars including Sean Connery. It is more suited for the older generation but younger actors are wearing it. It gives a wise and experienced look as opposed to the rest.

The Goatee – This will represent any type of hair grown with a tuft on the chin. The goatee can include a moustache or even side burns.

The German Goatee – This is a goatee that covers the mouth and sometimes will extend to the chin. This was a famous cut for the German scholars, militants and officials. It was known as an intimidating look hence the use.

The Goat Patch – This is a small tuft of hair resembling that of a Billy goat on the chin hence the name. This can be worn with a moustache deriving the name van Dyke. The goatee can come in any length depending on the preference of the individual.

Neck Beard – This beard includes no other facial hair on the face except on the neck. This could be long or short depending on the individual taste. Either way, it’s pretty gross.

Chin Curtain – This is a style spotted in the colonial days with the beard running along the jaw line to the chin. The beard is much longer than the chin strap especially at the chin and does not spot any moustache.

Chin strap – This style derives its name from the chin strap that comes with the helmet. He sideburns go all the way round and connect at the chin to for a continuous line of hair. This doesn’t feature the famed moustache.

Stubble – This is a famous look that provides a bad boy or rugged feature. This is commonly created in between shaves where the beard is about to grow back. The stubble can be an uncomfortable phase for  for some men due to the rough feel. This was also popular in the film ‘Miami Vice’ making the style a common feature among men later on.

The Royale – This is an ancient look sported by the French. It involved a long pointed bearded that was sometimes curled upwards. This is not a common feature today. It was then considered as a classy addition to the nobles.

Picking the best beard for you will depend on what you already have. If you are in a work situation, you can wear a short bearded but if it’s a strict corporate setting, a neat shaven look will do it for you. If I’ve forgotten your favorite type of beard, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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