The Different Types of Birds of Prey

types of birds of prey bald eagle

The cycle of life allows for the birds of prey to feed on other birds, vertebrates as well as invertebrates for survival. Birds of prey which are also known as raptors can be easily distinguished by various characteristics that they portray; wing shape, color and size among many other features. Birds of prey are well known for their keen eye on their prey which enables them to detect them even at a far distance during flight. Raptors also have extremely strong beaks and claws to facilitate their predatory nature.


This is a widely known to belong in the birds of prey category. It is very common and is characterized by very long and broad wings that enable them to fly at a very high speed towards their prey. Eagles are also known to have very strong feet that enable them to grab their prey strongly while flying to a secluded place to feed.

The booted eagle is feathered all over its body to the feet and toes in order to create a large stick nest. Birds that fall under the eagle category include;

  • Bald Eagle
  • Booted Eagle
  • Little Eagle
  • Martial Eagle
  • Crowned Hawk Eagle
  • Harpy Eagle
  • Crested Eagle
  • Philippines Eagle
  • New Guinea Eagle
  • Steppe Eagle
  • Twarty Eagle
  • Spanish Imperial Eagle
  • Gurneys Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Wedge Tailed Eagle
  • Verreaux’s Eagle
  • Wahl Berg Eagle


This type of bird of prey is known to hunt in sudden dashes towards its food. Hawks especially true hawks are found in woodland areas and are characterized by long tails for steering. Types of hawks include;

  • Bat hawk
  • Grey bellied hawk
  • Mantled hawk
  • Semi colored hawk
  • Road side hawk
  • Tiny hawks
  • Coopers hawk
  • Gundlach hawk
  • Slate colored hawk
  • Barred hawk
  • Black faced hawk
  • White browed hawk
  • White necked hawk
  • Grey backed hawk
  • White throated hawk


The vulture is a product of two biological families; the Accipitridae and Cathartidae which occur in the Eastern hemisphere and the Western hemisphere respectively. Birds in this bird of prey category include;

  • Palm nut vulture
  • Egyptian vulture
  • Hooded vulture
  • White backed vulture
  • White rumped vulture
  • Rueppelles vulture
  • Himalayan vulture
  • Griffon vulture
  • Cape vulture
  • Red headed vulture
  • White headed vulture
  • Cinereous vulture
  • Lappet faced vulture


The buzzard type of raptor is known to have broad wings and robust bodies. Specific birds that fall within the Buzzard category include;

  • Red necked buzzard
  • Augur buzzard
  • Jackal buzzard
  • Upland buzzard
  • Common buzzard
  • Mountain buzzard
  • Madagascar buzzard
  • Long legged buzzard

The honey buzzard is a most common type of the buzzard family which includes;

  • European honey buzzard
  • Oriental honey buzzard
  • Barred honey buzzard
  • Black honey buzzard
  • Long tail honey buzzard


This bird of prey mostly feeds on insects, carrion and live vertebrae animals. Although kites have weak legs, they are well compensated for by very strong and long wings. This contributes to their soaring nature which is mostly what they are known for. Types of Kites include;

  • Square tailed kite
  • Grey headed kite
  • White collared kite
  • Hook billed kite
  • Cuban kite
  • Black winged kite
  • Black shouldered kite
  • Letter winged kite
  • Slender billed kite
  • Snail kite
  • Plumbeous kite
  • Mississippi kite
  • Double toothed kite


The falcons are swift fliers and have long and pointed wings that serve to make keep their predatory nature alive. Some of the types of falcons are:

  • Bat falcon
  • Amur falcon
  • Orange-Breasted falcon
  • African hobby falcon
  • New Zealand falcon
  • Brown falcon

Falcons that hover while hunting are known as “kestrels.” Some of the types of kestrels are:

  • Fox kestrel
  • Rock kestrel
  • Spotted kestrel

Birds of prey are all known for their aggressive nature when it comes to food. They are stubborn in nature and very difficult to draw away from their prey especially after spotting them.

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