The Different Types of Coffee Drinks

types of coffee drinks

There are many different types of coffee drinks available for all coffee lovers out there. Take note that these coffee drinks came from three different types of beans: Arabica, Robust and Kona. And whether you like hot drinks or cold, you can still taste the inherent flavor and the richness of the beans originally used for it. These different coffee drinks include the following:

Affogato – is actually a combination of espresso, vanilla and gelato. Affogato basically takes the of an ice cream or vanilla gelato scoop and is topped with hot espresso shot. There are other variations available as well, such as the ones with a shot of Amaretto or any other liqueur.

Americano or Café Americano – is made by combining espresso and hot water. This type of coffee drink is very popular in the US and is also available in cold variety.

Breve – this is the American version of latte. Breve is prepared by combining espresso, steamed half-and-half cream and milk with milk foam on top.

Bicerin – this is a traditional warm coffee native to Italy. Bicerin is prepared with layers of espresso, melted chocolate and whole milk in a rounded glass.

Café Bombón – is a popular type of coffee drink in Spain. This is an espresso drink served with sweetened condensed milk. It has an Asian variety using ground coffee and sweetened condensed milk.

Café au Lait – a popular French drink consisting of bold or strong coffee normally mixed at 1:1 ration with scalded milk.

Café Corretto – this, on the other hand, is an Italian coffee drink with a shot of espresso and a shot of liquor, such as grappa, brandy or sambuca. Caffé Corretto is known as carajillo in Spain, karsk in Norway and kaffekask in Sweden.

Café Latte – consists of steamed milk and espresso, café latte can have foam with a picture or image on it, depending on how good the barista is.

Café Macchiato – a coffee drink based on espresso with little amount of milk.

Café Mélange – is a black coffee covered or mixed with whipped cream and is very popular in various countries, particularly in the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Coffee Milk – is comparable to chocolate milk, although it comes with coffee syrup instead of chocolate syrup. Coffee milk is known as Rhode Island’s state drink.

Cafe Mocha – this is considered a variant of café latte consist of two thirds steamed milk and one third espresso with added portion of chocolate, usually sweet cocoa powder.

Ca phe sua da – is a traditional Vietnamese coffee made with finely ground dark roast coffee brewed individually using a small metal drip filter into a cup with approximately one half sweetened condensed milk before stirred and poured onto ice. Indonesia has a variety of this coffee known as Kopi Susu.

Cappuccino – is basically made of espresso with milk. Cappuccino consists of one-third espresso, one-third milk foam and one-third of third heated milk.

Carajillo – a Spanish coffee drink with rum or brandy. Carajillo can be prepared in different ways. It can be prepare by simply pouring the spirit onto black coffee or heating the spirit first along with sugar, cinnamon and lemon before adding coffee. This is a variety of Italy’s Café Corretto.

Cortado – cut espresso with very small amount of milk for reduced acidity. Coffee to milk ratio is at 1:1 or 1:2 and milk should be added after the espresso. Cuba has a variety of this coffee drink known as Cortadito.

Cuban Espresso – a type of espresso drink sweetened using demerara sugar while being brewed.

Espresso – a highly concentrated and bittersweet coffee drink that originated from Italy. Each espresso shot is prepared depending on the customer’s request. Espresso is also being used along with other ingredients to prepare other types of coffee drinks like Café Corretto and Cappuccino.

Eiskaffee – or ice cream coffee, is a popular coffee drink in Germany consisting of chilled coffee, ice cream and milk.

Flat White – is very popular in New Zealand and Australia. Flat White is prepared with microfoam or the steamed milk obtained from the bottom of the pitcher along with a single or double shot of espresso. This type of coffee drink can be compared to Cafe au Lait and Latte.

Frappuccino – a blended coffee drink being sold by the popular coffee shop Starbucks. Frappuccino consist of blended coffee, ice and various ingredients usually topped with whipped cream. The word “Frappuccino” is actually trademarked by Starbucks, and can’t be used by other coffee venders.

Galao – a popular hot coffee drink made of foamed milk and espresso, and is native to Portugal. Galao is served in a tall glass with three quarters of foamed milk and one quarter of coffee.

Greek Frappe or Frappe Coffee – this type of coffee drink made of instant coffee with ice and covered with foam. Greek Frappe is very popular in both Greece and Cyprus, particularly during summer.

Filter Coffee or South Indian Coffee – this type of coffee drink is sweet and milky, and is made of chicory and dark roasted coffee beans. Filter Coffee is usually made using Robusta or Arabica beans.

Instant Coffee – this is a type of coffee beverage from brewed coffee beans and is also known as coffee powder or soluble coffee.

Irish Coffee – this type of coffee drink consist of sugar, Irish whiskey and hot coffee stirred thoroughly and with thick cream topping.

Kopi Tubruk – this is an Indonesian coffee popular in Java and Bali. Kopi Tubruk is served by boiling ground coffee with solid sugar to come up with a thick coffee drink.

Turkish Coffee – this is prepared by boiling roasted coffee beans, very finely powdered, twice or thrice along with sugar and topped with coffee.

These are the different types of coffee drinks available out there. Take note that these drinks can be prepared at home as long as you have the necessary ingredients and you are aware of the process of preparation. If not, you can simply visit a coffee shop near you to get your favorite coffee drink. If we’ve forgotten your favorite coffee drink, let us know in the comments below.

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