The Different Types of Coffee Makers

types of coffee machines

Coffee makers come in different types, sizes, models and brands just like other types of appliances. If you intend to purchase a coffee machine that is right for your needs and that which fits your lifestyle and budget, you need to be familiar with different types of coffee makers on the market so that you can make an informed decision when making a purchase. Here comes a list of different types of coffee makers.

Electric drip coffee makers

These are the type of coffee maker that most people are familiar with. It involves a heating element, and a water reservoir which is filled before starting. Ground coffee is placed within a bowl shaped filter, and then the water from the reservoir is heated and dripped through the coffee and filter into a glass carafe.

French drip coffee makers

These coffee makers are quiet popular in the southern states of the US, and specifically, Louisiana. They are traditionally teardrop shaped coffee pots. They are capable of crushing both soft and coarse coffee beans. French drip coffee makers are ideally perfect for small, intimate luncheons. The most outstanding designs of these coffee makers are made of porcelain. The fact that these coffee makers lack a heating element means that they can match well with your table décor.

Single cup coffee makers

These coffee makers can only make one cup of coffee at a time. They are among some of the most popular coffee makers especially in small households. Most of them use pods. Pods are the coffee-filled packets.

There are also some types of single cup coffee makers that are designed to grind whole coffee beans. These machines are a top choice for busy professionals since they allow them to make a superb coffee drink one cup at a time.

Pod coffee makers

In these coffee makers, all the ingredients are stored within small sections commonly referred to as pods. To prepare your favorite coffee drink using these machines, you just need to put some water or milk in them and they will automatically mix it with the coffee stored in the pods.

Vacuum coffee makers

These coffee makers are revered for their unmatched ability of producing pure coffee that is devoid of noticeable sediment. They are also a top choice for lovers of flavored coffee, since most of them come with flavor and aroma settings specially designed for purposes of brewing a superb cup of coffee. They are also relatively easier to clean as compared to other types of coffee makers.

French press coffee makers

French press coffee makers are quiet versatile when it comes to making a superbly delicious cup of coffee, owing to their ability of extracting an exceptional amount of aroma and flavor from coarse coffee beans within a short brewing time. These machines boast of a sturdy construction that gives them unparalleled high durability. They are also easier to use, since you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee within a matter of minutes with just a single press. One of their strongest selling points is that, they give users complete control over the brewing process and they also come with disposable filters.

Espresso coffee makers

These coffee makers make coffee by simply forcing pressurized water through coffee beans placed on a filter. They are lauded for their unrivaled ability of producing a thick concentrated coffee, also known as espresso. They are quiet popular in Italy where they are used for purposes of preparing a variety of traditional Italian coffee beverages. They come in four different types namely, steam-driven, pump-driven, semi-automatic and super-automatic Espresso coffee makers. Some of the things that keep these coffee makers apart from other types of coffee makers include a safe design, sturdy and replaceable parts, easy to clean and heat up fast.

Nespresso coffee makers

These are also among the highly rated and recommended coffee makers. They feature a Nespresso system that is specially designed for roasting and blending coffee beans before extracting high quality coffee from them. Most of them come with a number of flavor settings for users to select their ideal coffee flavor. They are easy to clean since they don’t come with filter holders and they are also capable of brewing coffee without any spillage of coffee granules. Virtually every Nespresso coffee maker comes with a decent warranty and user manual.

Bean to cup coffee makers

These coffee makers use fresh coffee beans instead of grounded coffee. They grind the coffee beans for each cup and then brew the coffee into different cups. They later on dispose the coffee grinds into a waste tray. There are some models of bean to cup coffee makers that have an automated process that is designed for purposes of frothing and flavoring milk before adding it to the coffee.

There you have the different types of coffee makers.

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