The Different Types of Diamonds

types of diamonds

Diamonds are the second most valued metals on earth after gold. Naturally, these precious stones are classified based on the type and quantity of impurities found on them. Basically, there are two main classifications of diamonds: type one which contains nitrogen molecules and type two which contains other impurities except nitrogen. Only 20% of diamonds are used as gemstones, with the rest used for industrial purposes. Here is a list of the different types of diamonds in existence.

White Diamonds – White diamonds are arguably the best known diamonds, being harvested in different parts of the globe in a variety of sizes and shapes. Those from Argyle mines are highly valued and it is the same variety that appears in most wedding and engagement jewellery. White diamonds are also the most used type of diamond when it comes to romantic gifts or holidays and celebrations.

Pink Diamonds – The pink diamond is regarded as the world’s rarest and the most expensive diamond. The Argyle is the main mine of this variety of diamond, producing up to 95% of all the pink diamonds on earth. Only 1% of all diamonds in the world have a pink color, which explains why they are the most valuable. Pink is the color that symbolizes love, fun, beauty and romance. Pink diamonds, therefore, are perfect romantic gifts for a loved one.

Champagne Diamonds – These type of diamonds are naturally colored, and come in a wide range of colors from straw to rich cognac. Just like the name implies, champagne diamonds have a pale straw color, with some appearing even much darker than that.

Pink Champagne Diamonds – These are attractive champagne diamonds that tend to have a secondary pink color. These variety of diamonds normally command a higher price per carat compared to champagne diamonds and display slight to bold flashes of light. Champagne pink diamonds from Argyle mines have three different shades ranging from light to medium and dark pink.

Yellow Diamonds – Also called canary diamonds, yellow diamonds are available in a wide range of shades ranging from rich canary colors to light yellow. As they often say, the more yellow the diamond, the more expensive it becomes. At the Argyle mines, there exists a limited quantity of fancy yellow diamonds.

Blue Diamonds – Blue diamond are extremely rare and very expensive. So rare and expensive are these type of diamonds that most jewelers have never seen, leave alone own one. In recent years, methods of producing fancy blue diamonds have been developed, thereby increasing hope for more people to lay their hands on these precious stones. Fancy blue diamonds are now available in a wide range of shades, ranging from sky blue to sapphire.

Green Diamonds – This is another type of diamond that is among the rarest colored diamonds in the market. Usually, the penetration of the green colour is not very deep and is mostly removed when the stone is being furnished. Usually, they represent hope, nature and growth. They get their unique green color as a result of exposure to radioactive materials.

Orange Diamonds – Orange diamonds are energetic and vibrant in nature. These diamonds usually represent creativity and success. They come in a wide range of variety ranging from fancy orange diamonds to vivid orange diamonds.

Purple Diamonds – Thanks to its delicate and precious nature, purple is the color that is associated with royalty. Purple diamonds, therefore, have a touch of mystery which gives them an unmatched romantic effect. Purple diamonds also symbolize warmth and coolness.

Brown Diamonds – Thanks to their rich color combination, brown diamonds are some of the most sought in the world. Brown diamonds have actually become such a great phenomenon such that most people often mistake them as their own color.

Grey Diamonds – Grey is a neutral and refined colour. Consequently, grey diamonds have a very classic and dignified look. Being a neutral colour, grey diamonds complement just about anything, meaning that they can go with anything you wear. They also come in a unique color combination including grey yellow, green and grey blue.

Simulated Diamonds – These are type of diamonds that do not suffer from lack of diversity or hardness. The best known diamond of this type is Cubic Zirconia. It is, however, denser meaning that it gives a smaller stone weight.

Synthetic Diamonds – These are man-made diamonds that are created in a lab. They are not considered as rare or valuable as real diamonds, but still tend to be fairly expensive.

Diamonds have come a long way and are still some of the most valued precious stones in the world today. If you are looking forward to buying a diamond but do not have a better understanding of the same, then you can now make an informed decision of which type to buy.


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