Types of Flowers List With Pictures

There are many types of flowers, and many of them have special meanings. Below you will find a list of some of the most beloved flowers that you might find at the florist while looking for a bouquet for someone special.

List of Flower Types


Types of FlowersThese are primarily used as filler flowers by florist they are perennial flowers with an orange color although there are hybrids in white, pink, red and yellow colors.The Alstroemeria flower is the flower of friendship. It also symbolizes wealth, fortune and prosperity


Amaryllis flowers bloom from a bulbous plant. The booms measure 6 to 10 centimeters and sprout from a leafless stem. There are many color varieties including white, pink, orange, red and white making this a very versatile flower.The amaryllis flower is a symbol of splendid beauty, it is traditionally used to indicate worth beyond physical beauty


The center of the anemone flower is filled with stamens surrounded by large guard petals. Anemones represent the feeling of being forsaken or the fading of hope. On the positive side, the anemone symbolizes anticipation


These are very small flowers that crowd on a fleshy stem called the spadix. Each spadix can grow to different lengths, shapes and colors with red being the most common variety.
It is the symbol of hospitality but the flower is also used to represent abundance and happiness.


Aster flowers are one and a half inches wide and typically bloom from June to October. The blooms are very similar to daisies, although they have much brighter colors such as lavender, purple, red, and pink. They have long stalks making them ideal for pots. It is the flower of patient, it is also used to indicate devotion to variety and is a symbol of daintiness and elegance

Birds of Paradise

Native to south America, birds of Paradise is also known as the crane flower. The name comes from the appearance of the bloom which looks similar to exotic, brightly colored birds in flight. Each bloom has 3 blue and orange petals while a few variations have yellow ones. This flower is a symbol of joyfulness and magnificence. The flower can also be used to indicate wonderful and exciting anticipation


Bouardia flowers are native to central America and each bloom can have single or double flowers shaped like stars protruding from a thin neck. They have pointy yellow leaves that can grow up to 11cm long while the flower is 15cm tall.This is the symbol for enthusiasm. It also doubles up as a symbol of zest for life

Calla Lily

Calla lilies combine beauty and magnificence with the innocence and purity associated with the color white making the them perfect for wedding bouquets


These are very popular florist flowers. The carnations bloom can have up to 40 petals in a variety of stripped, multicolored, or solid patterns. Different colors of the carnation flower have different meanings. They symbolize beauty and pride. Pink Carnations symbolize the love of a mother or a woman; red carnations symbolize love, admiration and pride; yellow carnations symbolize rejection, disdain or disappointment; stripped carnations are used to convey a message of refusal; purple carnations symbolize capriciousness while white carnations are a symbol of pure love and innocence.


There are hundreds of varieties of chrysanthemum. The plants are low, bushy and hardy making them very easy to grow. They are a symbol of joy, fidelity, optimism and a long life. Red chrysanthemums convey loyal love and truth while yellow chrysanthemum symbolize slighted love


Daffodil flowers are native to the mediterranean region and have a bowl like corna surrounded by six petals. They are traditionally yellow, but breeding over the years has yielded a wide variety of colors. The blooms are very delicate but the flora and stems are quite sturdy. They can be paired with any other flower tat complements their golden colors. The daffodil is the symbol of chivalry. It is indicative of eternal life, rebirth and new beginning. Having a single daffodil flower foretells misfortune while a bunch indicates happiness and joy.


Roses vary by region, time of the year and local weather conditions. Numerous hybrids of the rose plants have been cultivated and you can find a rose in virtually every color. The rose signifies love in its various forms. The Symbolism however varies based on number of petals, variety and color

Cymbidium Orchid

Orchids are probably the biggest family of flowering plants. Cymbidiums are unique due to the fact they appear in a wide range of Colors. Each flower has about five petals and the flowered are encapsulated between long, arrow leaves. They are a symbol of exotic beauty. Orchids are indicative of thoughtfulness, refinement and mature charm. They can also based to symbolize glorious feminity


Also referred to as asteraceae, daisies have white petals with yellow centers. The center is made of numerous tiny florets but the surrounding petals are significantly bigger. Each stem produces a single flower which, due to the florets, has the appearance of many. The daisy is arguably the most common symbol of purity and innocence. It conveys loyal love and lover’s confidence. The Gerbera daisy is specifically used to convey cheerfulness.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is a climbing plant that can reach a height of 10 feet when there is something suitable to support them. The plant produces a cluster of blooms that look like butterflies perched on a stem thanks to their delicate texture and shape of their petals.they are very beautiful flowers and are available in every color imaginable. The blossom is particularly sweet smelling an has ben replicated in candles perfumes and such. Sweet pea indicates bliss and delicate pleasure. The flower is symbolic of departure after enjoying oneself


These are annual plants that can grow up to ten feet tall. The stem and foliage are green and thick and the head of the flowers can be as big as one foot in diameter. The face is encircled with several rows of petals while the inside is covered with edible seeds.
Sunflower indicates pure thoughts and is symbolic of dedication and adoration.


These are hardy perennial flowers that come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The flowers have thin, upright foliage that has he appearance of ornamental grass. The blooms do not grow on a stalk and petal can either be straight or spread out. Iris flowers symbolize eloquence. Blue iris is symbolic of faith and hope; white iris flowers symbolize purity while yellow ones are symbols of passion

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