The Different Types of Housing

We’ve got a list of the types of houses, but this list will go beyond free-standing houses, and covers all types of housing situations you might find out there.

Apartment Building – A housing arrangement made of more than one apartment. These units can be in blocks.

Aul – Housing derived by fortifying homes to look like a village. Dwelled in by entire communities.

Barracks – Military housing dwelled in by army personnel and servicemen. They are huge hall like structures with bunks for beds.

Basement Apartment – This is a rental housing space set up in the basement of a larger home.

Bedsit – a single room that is designed with small kitchen and bathroom space. Suited for one person mostly and attached to a main house.

Condominium – These are houses that are owned by a numbered people in one single block but each owns their own house. Hey share common facilities including corridors, lobbies, lifts and front lawns and parking for the building.

Deck Access – an open block that is accessed for a walkway.

Four Plus On –  this is a four storey apartment that is a rental with a parking lot.

Garage Apartment – this is an apartment that has been set over a garage.

Garalow – this is a bungalow with a garage on the same level.

Garden Apartment – a two storey building that is detached. Each level has its own housing floor.

Housing Cooperative (or Co-op) – Housing where all the owners have shares in the building.

Housing Project – Government housing for low income earners.

Live Work – Housing that comes with a workplace. Could be an office or a store attached to the house.

Maisonette – An apartment that has two levels with stairs inside and its own driveway.

Penthouse – Housing on the top floor of a high rise multi storied building.

Railroad Apartment – housing built with a narrow feature about the width of the railroad car.

Rooming House – the type of housing where facilities are shared by the resident living under the same roof but separate bedrooms.

Shophouse – a five storied building with the lowest floor acting as a shopping area with shops and stalls.

Studio Apartment – This is a single room with a bed whether single or doubles, a kitchenettes and a bathroom on one side.

Tenement – This is a building with a number of stories mostly five in floor levels. It does not come with elevators.

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