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Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or you are already a seasoned veteran at working, you have to know the various fields where you can work and the types of jobs available per field. The world changes very fast right now, so what you knew about available jobs before may be out of date.

Now it is time for you to gain basic knowledge about ten common fields of work and some types of jobs in that field. Here they are:

Technology Jobs

Overview: The technology field is always growing very fast, so job growth in the field is also constantly booming. Here, you are always in the cutting-edge. However, you always have to update your skills when you are working in technology. Engineering and IT graduates are people who primarily do work related to technology. People here can work at start-ups too.

Some jobs in the technology sector:

  • software engineer
  • systems engineer
  • programmer
  • IT analyst

Engineering Jobs

Overview: Being an engineer requires many competencies, most notably in design and in tinkering with things. You also need plenty of math skills to thrive in this field. Choose from the many specialties available to you. Job security here is high, because people who are good in math and sciences necessary for engineering are hard to find.

Jobs in Engineering:

  • mechanical engineer
  • electronics and communications engineer
  • electrical engineer
  • biomedical engineer
  • industrial engineer
  • civil engineer
  • petroleum engineer
  • environmental engineer
  • structural engineer

Healthcare Jobs

Overview: Healthcare is vital to all people in this society. Healthcare professions enable you to use an extensive knowledge base of the human body and of latest health advances so you can save lives, provide comfort, cure illness, and maintain people’s health. Work here is often done in hospitals and private clinics.

Jobs in Healthcare:

  • doctor
  • nurse
  • pharmacist
  • physical therapist
  • public health worker
  • optometrist
  • medical technologist

Management Jobs

Overview: If you want to be in charge of the work of many people, then you should consider a management career. You can motivate people to be at their best when you manage them. Managing requires you to be knowledgeable in your company’s specialty and to be in touch with people’s daily concerns at work. You can eventually become a CEO if you are the best at this field.

Jobs in Management:

  • manager
  • administrator
  • executive
  • CEO
  • civil servant
  • administrative assistant
  • management consultant

Science and Mathematics

Overview: Discovering new knowledge is the primary task of scientists and mathematicians. Training here takes a long time and goes beyond getting a bachelor’s degree; you will need Ph.D’s and even postdoctoral experience. However, the work will be fulfilling, especially that you may be at the edges of revolutionary discoveries. You can also use any experience and research skills acquired in either field to work in regular employment settings.

Jobs in Science and Mathematics:

  • biologist
  • chemist
  • physicist
  • mathematician
  • instructor
  • professor
  • laboratory specialist

Law Jobs

Overview: If being the vanguard of justice is your chief purpose in life, then consider entering a career in the legal sector. Many people working here are lawyers, but there are other jobs too. Legal work requires superior reasoning skills and above average communication (oral and written) ability. If you are a lawyer, you can work in big firms or put up your own practice.

Jobs in Law:

  • lawyer
  • legal assistant
  • clerk
  • paralegal
  • judge

Education Jobs

Overview: Here is a field which allows you to share your knowledge with others. You need subject-matter knowledge and teaching skills to be in this field. Most of all, you need plenty of heart. While the everyday lives of teachers may be grueling, education is one of the most fulfilling fields to enter. You may need some certifications, though.

Jobs in Education:

  • teacher
  • educational administrator
  • tutor
  • instructor
  • professor

Communication Jobs

Overview: Sharing stories to others, making others understand ideas, or persuading them to take up a point of view is necessary in our daily lives. If you are good at speaking or at writing and you are comfortable being with other people, then definitely you are a good fit for many jobs involving communication.

Jobs in Communication:

  • writer
  • journalist
  • public speaker
  • broadcaster
  • public relations (PR) worker
  • hospitality management (in places such as hotels and resorts)
  • publishing house employee
  • advertiser
  • sales worker

Arts and Entertainment Jobs

Overview: If you believe that your chief purpose in life is to reflect on the sublime or to make others happy with your presence, then arts and entertainment are the best fields for you. You can focus on visual arts, fine arts, cinema, fashion, performance arts, or art teaching, whichever suits you. You can also apply your art knowledge in setting such as museums and libraries.

Jobs here:

  • fashion designer
  • graphic designer
  • art administrator
  • art therapist
  • film director
  • musician
  • theater actor
  • teacher
  • professor

Finance Jobs

Overview: If you love working with numbers and with people, then finance may be your field. Here, your job may involve telling people basic information about financial products in ways that they can understand. You can also be sophisticated enough to work as a ‘quant’ who handles mathematical models in finance. If you want to work in insurance, then actuarial science is the field you should enter. Or you can be part of the action by being a trader.

Jobs here:

  • accountant
  • financial adviser
  • financial analyst
  • actuary
  • trader
  • stockbroker

A knowledge of these ten fields will help you know which types of jobs suit your abilities, your personality, and your interests the most. Do not decide your career at random – have a guide like this.

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