A List of the Different Types of Lilies With Pictures

Lilies make our surrounding attractive, pleasant, and cool for all people. It is known as a flower that symbolizes peace, tranquility and purity. For its beauty and its symbolism, many people claim the lily to be their favorite flower.

Now, there are hundreds of specific varieties of lilies. Below are the main different types of lilies that grow throughout the globe, but you can find extensive research about all of the types throughout this website.

The list below includes both “True Lilies” from theĀ genus “Lilium,” as well as beautiful flowers that simply have “Lily” in the name.

List of Lily Types

Calla Lilies

These are the most common and unique type of lilies, though they aren’t even really “Calla” or “Lily,” scientifically speaking. They have waxy, creamy texture, and a shape that resembles a trumpet. They are white and fragrant or pinks and reds in color. Many people use them in funerals and weddings.

Tiger Lilies

These lilies are mostly seen in American gardens. They have a sweet scent. In addition, they have shades that are bright orange in color; these shades have some tiger-esque spots. It is easy to plant these lilies in your garden since they generally grow wildly.

Easter Lilies

These are the most widely recognized and purest type of lilies. Most people use them to signify new life and innocence. They have trumpeting petals that are fragrant. They are further associated with the Easter Holiday and spring.

Stargazer Lilies

These lilies were developed in the late 1970s. They have a similar shape and height to both Tiger and Easter lilies. They have unique colors that are bold and dramatic. Their colors have deep pinks and reds shades. These shades have some white and dark spots.

Peruvian Lilies

These lilies have bright colors that distinct and many small, delicate petals. In general, these lilies grow extremely closer to the ground than other types of lilies. They have at least two different shades. In addition, they have spots on one or two of their four petals. Most people give out these types of lilies in bouquets to signify friendship.

Lily of the Valley

These lilies have bell-shaped flowers that face downwards. They are perennial and they signify both humility and devolution. These lilies thrive best in shade. Most people use them for bridal bouquets due their white and delicate flowers.

Lilium Tigrinum Lily

This is a native lily of most areas in the eastern Asia. It is hybridized and grown in most gardens in today’s world.

Smooth Flax Lilies

They have attractive purple flower spikes. These lilies flower during the late spring through to summer. They can grow up to 1 meter in height. They are commonly used in ornamental grass ideal for landscaping.

Rock Lilies

These lilies have blue foliage succulent and attractive yellow flowers. They have the capacity of tolerating frost hardy and drought conditions. They flower during the spring to summer season. People use them mostly for rockeries, in pots making, and in land scalping.

Paroo Lilies

These lilies, also known as blue flax lilies, have exceedingly purple flowers that are star shaped. They are very hardy and grow fast. They grow up 1 meter in height. They can survive in both drought and damp areas.

Tasmanian Flax Lilies

These lilies are evergreen and have arching strap-like leaves. Similarly, they have flower spikes that are attractive and purple in color. They can tolerate frost, drought, windy, and wet areas. They flower during the late spring through to summer. These lilies grow up to 1 meter in height.

Blue Grass Lily

This type of lily thrives well in light shade or sun in presence of moist soils. It can tolerate frost, but it as to be watered in drought seasons. It flowers from September to January. It grows up to a height of 0.6 meters.

Tufted Blue Lily

It has attractive flowers that are star-shaped. They tolerate dry seasons and grow up to 1.2 meters.

Spreading Flax Lily

It has attractive flowers that are purple in color and spikes in spring. It grows up to 2.5 meter in height.

Flame Lily

It has green, hairless, shiny leaves that have10-20 mm long tendril. Its flowers range from orange to yellow in color.

Spider Lilies

These lilies thrive well in cemeteries, yards, and old gardens.

Cuban Lily

This type of lily has dense clusters of flowers that are deep violet in color. You can grow it in pots and gardens.

Crane Lily

It has flowers that range from orange to yellow in color with some dark blue spots.

Torch Lilies

They have reedy, lush foliage and tubular flowers that are in shades of cream and yellow.

That should cover most, if not all, of the many different types of lilies. If you think anything needs to be added to the list, let me know in the comments.

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