The Different Types of Online Advertising

types of online advertising

Online advertising is also referred to as internet advertising and thus uses the internet to promote and deliver marketing messages to the target customers. It incorporates the use of search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile advertising and display advertising. In the recent past, online advertising has grown rapidly and this has seen advertising revenues increase. Let us take time and get the finer details of some of these types of online advertising.

Search engine marketing

This type of advertising is made in such a way as to increase the visibility of websites in the pages of search engine results. Search engines play a role of providing organic and sponsored results based on the searcher’s query. These search engines more often use visual cues in order to clearly bring out the difference between organic and sponsored results. The aim is to make a website’s listing important for keywords.

Social media marketing

This type of online advertising is a promotion carried out through the social media. Many companies have thus adopted this type of advertising and are promoting their products simply by posting updates and through provision of special offers in their profiles. The most common is the use of Facebook.

Mobile advertising

This type of online advertising is an ad copy that is delivered through mobile devices, specifically the wireless ones such as feature phones, smart phones or even tablet computers. This type of advertising may involve the use of rich or static media ads, multimedia messaging service, short message service ads, mobile websites advertising, mobile search ads or even mobile application ads. Several reasons have been attributed to the growth of mobile advertising. Well, this is because there are many mobile devices, increased connectivity speeds, advanced screen resolution and that mobile devices are being used extensively by the final consumers.

Email advertising

This type of advertising comprises either a portion or the entire part of an email message. Email advertising can be unsolicited and thus the sender can sent emails to the recipient only after the recipient has consented to. Better still, he may provide the recipient with an option of opting out of the emails to be sent in the future.

Display advertising

This form of advertisement displays the advertising message visually by the use of logos, text, videos, photographs and other graphics. In most cases, the display advertisers majorly target particular users especially those who are in a position of increasing the ad’s effect. The advertisers employ the use of cookies-unique identifiers in arriving at decision as to which ad, serves a certain consumer perfectly well. To be precise, cookies can track a page that was accessed by a user and even ascertain whether the user made purchases or not. In case the user did not purchase anything, the advertiser may use ads from the site visited to retarget the user.

In conclusion, there are many types of online advertising and their uses vary depending on the target and desires of advertisers. In the recent past, there have been increased online advertising because electronic communication costs have been reduced significantly. Advertisers are also in a position to ascertain whether an ad was viewed or not, and better, they can target a specific user.

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