A List of the Different Types of Orchids

There are many different types of orchids that are spread all over the globe that are of different species, hybrids and colors. There are those that are miniature as well as standard sized and they are also of different genera.

Here is a list of some of the most common types of orchid that you may find:

Lady Slipper Orchids – these types of flowers are fancier as they are soft pink making them to be eye catching and they are loved by many. They are also innocent white and they also have other soft colors that are either brown, dark red or they may be green with hairy as well as warty petals.

Vanda Orchids – They are delightful and unique in terms of where they grow. They are seen growing in baskets and their roots hang down in mid air. They need high humidity as well as light in the places where they grow.

Cymbidium Orchids – They are large and hairy flowers with tall and loaded spikes. They grow outside and they grow in a very spectacular way.

Cycnoches Orchids – they are waxy and fragrant flowers that have leaves that lean forward in a shape that looks like a fan. They bloom late in summer and early in fall.

Miniature Cattleya Orchids – this flower is a fraction of the size from its brother cattleya. They are less than eight feet tall and they require a much larger pot to grow them.

Brassavola Orchids – because of its delightful fragrance in the evening, they are named as the “lady of the night”. In their new growth, they have a wonderful addition as the terete leaves emerge along the rhizome.

Catasetum Orchids – they are unuasual and they are very unique. When they bloom, their waxy flowers that are large are either male or female. For the male flowers, they are produced at the lower light than the female.

Phaius Orchids – this is a beautiful flower that can grow throughout the year in the terrestrial areas.

Dendrobium orchids – You will find this types of orchards in Thai restaurants where they use them to decorate tables with fresh flowers. They are tall and they have graceful sprays of flowers that are a welcome break in winter’s grey days. They often grow in pots and they are heavy at the top.

Miltassia Orchids – this is a flower that is intergeneric as they are a cross between Brassia and the Miltonia.

Epidendrum Orchids – these are delicate fragrant blooms and they have high requirement, and thus may be difficult to bloom at home. In order to meet their needs, they need some supplemental artificial light.

Reed Stem Epidendrum Orchids – they have multiple growths and they grow with several leaves. They are not hard to grow and they do well in repotted after blooming.

Encyclia Orchids – they have wispy blooms that are topped with dorsal petal which looks as if it is a shell. The blooms for these flowers do open in a successful manner together with the spike and this allows the encyclia to be intact in the bloom for a longer time.

Intergenerics Orchids – they are unusual flowers that are striking as a result of combinations that are man-made. As new growth emerges, they prefer to be repotted when they finish blooming.

Lycaste Orchids – they have waxy flowers which appear over the pseudobulbs that have a wide and pleated flowers.

Boat Orchids – These are flowers that are depicted and grown in poetry as well as drawings. They have long lasting flowers that are big and showy. They are red brown, pink, red, brown, yellow or they may be a combination of superbly cut flowers in case one changes water on daily basis and cutting back their bottom spike.

Ludisa Orchids – they are grown more because of their leaves instead of their diminutive flowers. They have an extraordinary foliage and they grow very fast when they are grown.

Miltonia Orchids – they have a string of flowers that are too large in size. They work best in summer as they are a wonderful spring.

Oncidium Orchids – it’s called the dancing lady orchid as it has brilliant sprays that are packed with flowers.

Moth Orchids – these are one of the most common types of orchids and they are plants that you may find in a standard grocery. They are also called the phalaenopsis orchards and you will find them growing on tress in environments that are moist.

This is on it’s way to becoming the most complete list of the types or orchids out there. If I’ve forgotten your favorite orchid, be sure to let me know down in the comments.

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