The Different Types of Physical Therapy

types of physical therapy

Over the years, man has treated himself using different types of medicines. However, none has proved to be effective like physical therapy applied directly on a patient. But it is also true that when we think about physical therapy, we think about sports or any other accident-related injuries. Thanks to the continuous discovery of man, because today, we have different types of therapies that focus on different goals as well as purposes. Physical therapist specialize in one type of physical therapy when it comes to serving the community. In the event that you need to find a suitable therapist, then you need to find one who is suitable for the purpose in which you want them.

Therefore, this article lists down 8 types of physical therapy, plus some of the things you need to know about integumentary and palliative care.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

This is one of the most commonly known type of physical therapy we have today. This type of therapy follows after a surgery and takes place in an outpatient facility where patients visit on a weekly basis. It focuses on musculoskeletal system, the joints, tendons, ligaments, as well as the bones. People who have undergone a car accident or those who have just undergone an orthopedic surgery may also be subjected to this therapy. Here, joint mobilization is the key focus. The doctor may use massage, flexibility exercises, whirlpools, hot and cold packs, as well as electrical stimulation in the area affected.

Geriatric Therapy

If you have trouble adopting to the aging process, then this type of treatment is most ideal. Again, if you are a victim of osteoporosis or you’ve undergone sessions of extensive surgery, then you need to see a geriatric physical therapist. Balance disorders as well as those suffering from various forms of arthritis are also treated this way. In most cases, this type of therapy is practiced in an outpatient facility, but it could also be used on someone who has undergone an extensive surgery and is still recuperating.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

This type of therapy is the most ideal for patients who suffer from heart ailments and circulatory system problems. Sessions of cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy will see patients improve their range of motion and endurance.These patients often suffer from heart problems or have undergone a surgery. It may also be beneficial to patients with lung cancer (cystic fibrosis) or any other diseases related to the lungs.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

This type of physical therapy focuses on children under the age of 18. A child may have suffered from an orthopedic injury, or just from a childhood injury that require physical therapy. They may include development delays or spina bifida. People who practice in this area must be very good with children, and they must sometimes double up as diagnosticians.

Neurological Physical Therapy

Neurological therapy is very specialized and requires a great deal of training in order for the therapist to understand neurological disorders and diseases. These specialists treat patients who suffer from stroke, brain disorders as well as those who have encountered spinal injury. The main focus is to restore functions of the limb, as well as deal with paralysis and vision defects.

Clinical Electrophysiology

This type of therapy involves electrotherapy, electrophysiology, as well as physical agents and sometimes wound management. These practitioners are usually interested in treating their patients using electrotherapy and other therapeutic technologies used today. This area of specialty also focuses on the use of electromyography, as a tool of clinical evaluation and treatment of wounds in relation to tissue healing as well as its implication on a wide range of clinical practices.

Sports Therapy

Therapy of this nature is geared towards athletes, both professional and weekend joggers. This therapy is carried out on an individual based on his sport of choice. It mostly focuses on those areas where maximum stress or overuse is experienced as a result of strenuous exercises. This treatment is often performed as a pre-event preparation for maximum performance, and it also reduces recovery time. It reduces fatigue, increases flexibility in the joints and muscles, improves endurance and eliminates chances of injuries.

Women’s Therapy

There are several types of therapies that can be performed on women. These are therapies that specifically focus on pregnancy and postpartum, infertility and pregnancy loss, eating disorders among others. During the onset of pregnancy, some changes begin to take place inside the body of a woman. Some women begin to experience bladder prolapse, which occurs when the bladder bulges onto the front walls of the vagina. This may be caused by the weight of the mother, plus that of the child they are carrying. Depending on the condition of the woman, a therapist may prescribe a treatment plan that is most suitable to her situation.

Integumentary Care

The integumentary system comprise of the skin, the nails, hair and other associated glands that protect the body. The skin regulates the temperature of the body, and also acts as a minor excretory channel. It utilizes the sun and protects the body from it’s harmful elements. That means an effective integumentary care is inevitable for individuals who want to boost their overall health. There are different ways to take care of the integumentary system. Products are also available to treat patients suffering from various skin ailments.

Palliative Care

Palliative care aims at improving the quality of life of those suffering from terminal illnesses. It eliminates pain in patients, as well as treat symptoms related to the health condition they are suffering from. Doctors, nurses and a team of specialists work hand in hand with the doctor of the patient in question to find a treatment plan that best suits the patient in question. Most medical care facilities have this plan in place to take care of patients of this nature.

Modern medicine makes it possible for patients suffering from all types of illnesses to receive treatment relevant to their condition. Therapy treatment has proved to be one of the most effective alternative medicine since time immemorial. So if you’ve been wondering what type of physical therapy is ideal for your situation, you now know which one to go for.

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