A List of the Different Types of Psychology

Psychology attempts to study an individual, society or family to understand mental triggers and functions for our social behaviors and mental states. The different branches of psychology research the processes involved in human development. The following list covers the various fields of psychology.

A List of the Different Types of Psychology

Clinical Psychology – In this branch of psychology, the studies are aimed at relieving dysfunction or stress triggered by the different psychological reasons. The result of this is the development of emotional, physical and personal well being. Psychologists involved with this branch of psychology study the depths of clinical neuropsychology and forensic testimony. The professionals utilize specially designed therapy models to formulate therapeutic alliance. This helps in the identification and application of new behavioral models.

Abnormal Psychology – This branch entails the study of abnormal behaviors. It seeks to understand the abnormal interactive patterns and shifts in nature that a person adopts. It uses clinical psychology and psychopathology to research the causes of psychological disorders. Abnormal psychology studies the condition’s maladaptive features in the presence of dysfunction, stress and disability.

Cognitive Psychology – Cognitive psychology involves the study of mental processes that dictate how human beings behave. It experiments with attention, memory, learning, perception and applies information processing to normal mental reasoning and functionality. It can also be referred to as experimental psychology. It uses the input of linguists, logicians and neurobiologists who emphasize on both theory and formalization.

Comparative Psychology – This studies the behavioral patterns of animals. It is a very vital branch of psychological research as it provides comparisons that are used to ascertain traits and evolutionary links. Studying the behaviors of animals enables psychologists to gain an understanding of human psychology. They use animal models to study behavior and emotions.

Counseling Psychology – As the name simply suggests, counseling psychology refers to the studying of interpersonal relationships within a period of time. This branch focuses majorly on developmental, educational, vocational, emotional and social issues that result in changes in the way human beings behave.

Developmental Psychology – This psychology branch majorly focuses on how the human mind develops. It focuses on getting a better understanding of change and perception. At the end of every session, moral as well as intellectual development is targeted. Developmental psychology research involves a critical look at the behavior triggers that are found in natural settings.

Educational Psychology – This entails the study of educational interventions and setting. Educational psychologists experiment with social psychology and teaching dimensions applied within colleges and schools. Teaching methods are influenced by educational psychology and general practices within the educational facility.

Biological Psychology – This branch of psychology seeks to know the mental frame of a human being as a biological substrate. It investigates behaviors that spring from reactions that occur within the nervous system. Most of biological psychology researches are conducted via experiments with cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. It actually seeks to understand how the brain functions taking into consideration the different psychological processes and triggers. It links the brain and human behaviors to establish the specific parts of the brain associated with certain reactions.

Evolutionary Psychology – This branch tries to understand why and how human beings evolved with some specific behavioral modes and set perspectives that define the defense mechanism of a human being. The manner through which our forefathers endured dilemmas and how their plans induced actions and responses are studied. These situations, together with their solutions are studied. This allows scientists to comprehend why some spontaneous responses became stereotyped across the globe.

Health Psychology – This majorly focuses on how health is maintained. Social, behavioral, psychological and physiological aspects of an individual are considered in health psychology. It primarily focuses on providing preventive treatments and measures, hence serving as a virtual aid that helps people to keep fit. It also aims to understand how people suffering from certain ailments endure.

Personality Psychology – Your personality defines who you are today and also defines the essential behavioral mode that you will apply in order for you to cope when faced with a certain situation. The study of the manner in which human beings modulate their moods, make decisions and function is called personality psychology.

Social Psychology – Social psychology focuses on the behaviors that individuals exhibit in different social settings. Social psychology also studies forms of behavior and social interactions that mold the reactions of an individual which results in the construction of a set of responses for different situations.

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