The Different Types of Purple Flowers

Purple flowers hold a special place in the lives of all human beings. Universally, all flowers of different types and colors are the most beautiful things in the whole universe. The color purple in many cultures is deemed to be a symbol of royalty in all cultures and religions globally. For instance, purple flowers were used in the ancient Roman Empire as an index for social status as dictated by law. Purple flowers are believed to add a note of luxury, distinction and radiance to life. Nowadays, different types of purples flowers are used for bridal bouquets and centerpieces to add a royal allure to the wedding.

Highly encountered in nature, purple flowers are of different types characterized by plants or fruits namely: Hydrangea, lilac, lavender, daisy, lily, plum, orchid, rose or hibiscus. Here is a list of some of the most popular types of purple flowers.

Types of Purple Flowers

  • Purple Lilac – Purple lilac is well known for its strongest scent that brings a note of freshness during spring time. It blooms in April. Some symbolic values attributed to this type of purple flower include confidence, youthfulness and confidence.
  • Purple Lily – This type of purple flower is a hybrid of two lilies, more exotic Asiatic lily and regal trumpet lily. Also, it comes in a variety known as purple prince. Purple lily is characterized by its flowery texture and satin aspect that turns to a soft brown color when it matures.
  • Purple Daisy – This type of purple flower is also known as Western daisy because it comes from the lower Mississippi basin. It also comes in different varieties commonly used in weddings, namely; orchid purple, Han purple and royal purple.
  • Purple Rose – Just like the Purple lily, purple rose is a hybrid of a variety of other purple shades. Research has revealed that it is one of the most fragrant species of roses. This type has been used as a majestic and royals symbol that signifies paternal/maternal affection or fascination and love at first sight.
  • Purple Orchid – Purple orchid can stay in bloom for several months and is commonly used in Ikebana. It is regarded as a tropical and exotic purple flower type that comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes. The commonest variety of this type is Orchis mascula.
  • Purple Hibiscus – This is one type of purple flower considered as the best type of hibiscus. Purple hibiscus comes in different varieties with colors ranging from lilac to violet and plum. It is chosen in most occasions by a majority of people to lighten up their gardens and homes.
  • Purple Hydrangea – This type of purple flower originates from eastern parts of Asia, particularly China, Korea and Japan. It is the only type of a purple flower with an unusual color. Purple Hydrangea has varieties which stay evergreen when planted.
  • Purple Calla Lily – It is also true that this type of purple flower comes in different varieties like the others mentioned above. Some of the most popular ones are the shades of lavender, bright purple and amethyst.
  • Purple Carnations – These are the rarest variety of carnations. They are traditionally associated with unpredictable changes because of their spontaneous and predictable properties.

These are the most common types of purple flowers most of which are tropical, exotic or wild flowers.

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