The Different Types of Relationships

There are many types of relationships in the world. You have some sort of relationship with everyone in your life from casual acquiantances to your closest loved ones. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent relationship types.

Types of Relationships List

Romantic Relationship

In these types of relationships you both have a strong sexual desire for each and you feel like you are in love. You are both connected and feel very close. There is unconditional curiosity and eagerness to learn about each other and how you make the relationship even better than it is. The passion that you and your partner experienced at the beginning is still there but the only difference is that it has transformed gradually into something more stable and which can last for a long time. Couples in these relationships are usually happy most of the time, they have no sexual or emotional desires for anyone other than their partner and you will find them holding hands in public and hanging out with their friends a lot of the time since they feel that the relationship is completely secure and the partner only loves them.

Parasitic Relationship

These types of relationships exist where one of the partners feels like they cannot make it on their own. When choosing the partner, the decision is made without any discrimination whatsoever and any sort of partner will do so long as they are able to provide you with what you need. The needs may be physical as well as emotional. For example somebody who is an alcohol or drug addict may want to be in a relationship with somebody who will hold it together for them and help moderate their lives. In this sort of relationship one of the partners invests a lot of time and emotion in the relationship but the other partner does not reciprocate the same affection or love and this is what makes it a parasitic or a survival relationship.

Symbiotic Relationship

This is a relationship where the partners are able to provide each other with something that they lack and everybody feels like they are gaining something from the relationship. It is usually common when two people who have personalities that are extreme opposites come together in a relationship. One of the partners may be well-organized, detail oriented and very ambitious while the other is somebody who goes with the flow and whose mind is usually scattered. You may expect the relationship to have plenty of problems but the partners will actually benefit from being together if they really like one another. The two personalities will in a way balance each other out. The organized partner will mellow out a bit and become a bit flexible while the other partner will develop some form of organization. But sometimes when the difference between the partners is too wide it may fail to work.

Platonic Relationship

The best relationships are the ones where you are friends and lovers at the same time. Most people end up making the mistake of being in a relationship with somebody who is their best friend but whom they have no sexual desire for. In this relationship the partners are on really good terms and they get along perfectly but the problem is that the sexual desire or attraction is just not there. In the bedroom you will most likely encounter a lot of problems. A partner may feel as though they are not getting satisfied sexually while the other partner may feel as though too much is being demanded of them.

Dysfunctional Relationship

These types of relationships occur in most cases when two partners who seemingly have no interest in each other come together or when two people are in a relationship but their friends and families do not approve of it. These relationships will baffle onlookers and most people will ask questions like what were you thinking when you married that person. In the case where both partners seem to have no interest in each other there will be a lot of disagreements or the partners could completely ignore each other. Both partners may cheat on each other and know about it but they will not raise an issue since none of them cares. They may be only together since they do not want to be looked down upon by society. Where the friends and families are against the relationship they will place a lot of stress on the couples and this could lead to very huge problems in the relationship which is mostly doomed to fail.

There are some of the relationship types that are seen most often. If you can think of some other types of relationships, let us know in the comments section below.

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