The Different Types of Software Testing

types of software testing

Software testing refers to a procedure that is done to evaluate software item mainly to see if there are any differences between input and the expected output. Testing is also done to assess software’s quality. The software testing process is best done at the time of developing the system. Simply put, software testing is both done for verification and validation of the software.

The 2 Main Types of Software Testing

Black box testing – This testing is done without system internal design knowledge. They are just based on functionality and requirements.

White box testing – This testing is premised on the internal structures and workings of the system. Techniques like Path Testing and Branch Testing are used. Its other names are glass testing and structural testing.

Types of Software Testing

There are several types of software testing. In this post, 10 of the most common types of testing are discussed. They include:

Functional Testing

This is done to ensure that a website or an application not only performs all its intended functions correctly, but also that it conforms to its specifications. It normally involves a series of tests that performs a feature-by-feature behavior validation, and this is by using a range of both normal and incorrect input data. Examples include tests done on the interface of the product, security installation, database management and networking among other things. The testing can be done through a manual testing or an automated one. Mainly, the black box methodology is used.

Unit Testing

This refers to the testing that is carried out on individual modules or software components. This is not done by a tester but by a programmer, and the reason is because it detailed understanding of the underlying program design as well as code. Sometimes, this type of test may need developing test harness or test drive modules.

Compatibility Testing

This test is carried out to ensure that a given application or a website is compatible with different hardware or operating system. An example of this type of test could be to establish if a certain website is compatible with different web browsers. It can be done manually or by means of regression or automated functional test suite.

Regression Testing

This type of test is similar to functional testing, and is done consistently and repeatedly in the validation of every fresh release of website or a product. The main reason for this test is to ensure that each defect of the software that comes with a new release is corrected, and also that, during the maintenance process, no new problems regarding quality are introduced. In order to reduce resources and time needed for this type of testing, automated and not manual method is used.

Stress Testing

This involves subjecting the system beyond its specifications. The aim is to see when and how it fails. It is normally performed under very heavy loads for example entering complex database queries on the system, inputting large number beyond its storage capacity and even continuously inputting to the database load or the system.

Integration Testing

This is where different modules are combined after which they are tested as a group. Modules here refer to individual applications, code modules and client and server utilities on a network. During the test, interaction between the particular software and hardware is tested. It may be done by either black box or white box testing.

Performance Testing

This type of testing is done to assess a system’s speed and effectiveness. It also ensures that the system can generate results within the set time. It is done by the method of black box testing. The usefulness of this test is seen in its ability to discover performance-related bottlenecks especially in high use applications.

Acceptance Testing

If the customer wants to know that the product that has been delivered is capable of meeting the set requirements, as well as that it works properly, he or she will do performance testing. It is usually done by black box testing method.

Usability Test

This is done form the client’s perspective, and it mainly deals with how user-friendly the system is. Things that are often looked at include graphic user interface (GUI) and how easy the client can client can learn it. It is done by black box testing.

There you have the types of software testing. If I’ve forgotten any, let me know in the comments below.

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