The Different Types of Tie Knots

It is worth noting that not all types of knots are equal since the size, shape and symmetry may vary greatly from one type of knot to another. Also the place you are going such as an interview may dictate the kind of tie knot you will tie. All these factors among many others should be considered when selecting the type of tie knot you will use. There are various types of tie knots such as bow ties, bolo ties, skinny ties, square ties, four in hand knot, half Windsor and many others. Below are some of the tie knots you can use depending with your situation.

Bow Tie Knot

Bow ties best go with tuxedo and therefore it is something that you can wear on daily basis. When tying it you will just need to ensure that it will not extend past the collar of your shirt. This is because it is smaller and also you will look decent. Tying a bow tie is a simple task that should not stress you at all. Bow ties are mostly worn during formal events such as during wedding or during a business cocktail. Once you are through tying it just ensure that you stand in front of a mirror to see if it is all okay.

Square Knot

It is also referred to as reef knot and is a simple and quick knot which is very useful for low strain ties. This knot is popular among climbers, sailors as well as gift wrappers due to its ease of tying and convenience. The basic steps of tying this knot include the following.

  1. Tying the basic square knot by taking 2 ropes and laying the right hand one over the other.
  2. Wrapping the right hand rope below the left hand one
  3. Bringing the right side rope back over the left side rope and the original right hand one over the left one.
  4. Pulling the original right side one below the left hand one and tightening both ends.
  5. Modifying the square knot and you will be through.

Four-In-Hand Knot

This is a good knot that you can master especially if you are in hurry and you want to look good. It is considered to be classic and therefore it is appropriate for many different occasions. This is the easiest knot to complete with a wide tie especially if it is made of heavy fabric.

Bolo Tie Knot

This type consists of a piece of braided leather using decorative metal tips and secured with an ornamental slide. They are easy to make as they are made using attractive flat objects like plastic netsuke or polished stones. This type of tie is official in some states such as Texas and New Mexico.

Skinny Tie Knot

It is very stylish in men and many celebrities prefer wearing it. They are narrower compared to the usual ties and thus they look more modern. They can be worn even in formal meetings since they fit more casual look. This type of tie knot looks best especially in slim young men and therefore they are highly recommended for them.

In conclusion, the above are the basic types of tie knots that will work out fine for you. You can always use them and they will always look great.

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