The Different Types of Wedding Flowers

types of wedding flowers

So many types of wedding flowers are available all over the world today. It is important for one to know a few of them so that they are able to decide from a range of options. Below are some of the most popular wedding flowers used today by designers to make a wedding look lovely.

  • Roses – roses are loved by most people especially when it comes to weddings. They come in many shapes and colors thus making them a reliable species for your wedding. You can get pink, red, orange, white, stripped, yellow, and some with blends of colors. You can choose any color depending on your wedding’s theme.
  • Snowdrop – white flowers that you could blend with other colors for a beautiful outlook, depending on the color theme for your wedding. Of course make sure that the theme color is more emphasized than the rest of the hues, as you blend.
  • Tulips – they come in many colors and are well-defined in their hues, something you need for your special event. Many people would combine tulips with roses. They are a good option for weddings during spring.
  • Sunflowers – during the season of fall this is one option of bright colors you may settle upon for your wedding. The flowers will give your wedding that lively and celebratory mood you must be looking for.
  • Irises – if you want to settle on just one type of flower with various colors, this is the option for you. Irises come in many colors hence its name which means “rainbow”. The bridesmaids would look so good holding Iris bouquets, going also with the theme.
  • Daisies – just like Irises, these ones could also completely beautify a wedding in various types and color shades that you may need. The best daisies are fresh ones however silk types are also equally good. You can use Daisies and Sunflowers for the summertime wedding.
  • Pansies – these are flowers with big and beautifully colored petals. You can get the blue, red, yellow or mixed-color pansies for your wedding.
  • Pussy Willows – for your winter wedding, this is the option for you. It is possible to make carvings using these flowers according to your preferences. They also come in various colors and take note that many people use it in their weddings as a sign of new beginnings.
  • Brunias – for centerpieces and bouquets, this is the option for you, especially if silvery grey is your wedding theme.
  • Gypsiophilias – they are beautiful and also used by many people to decorate weddings during winter.
  • Hyacinths – they come in many colors and are found in the Tropical zones. They have stems holding the flowers, making it easy for you to tie then as a bouquet.

The list of flowers is an endless one. However, you will realize that color and season affect the type of flower available for a wedding. You could decide to get the fresh, preserved or silk flowers for your wedding. Take time to look for even more types of flowers as they are numerous.

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