How Are Man-Made Diamonds Made?

For all the diamond enthusiasts and those who can identify valuable gems, does the origin of diamonds really matter? Technological advancement has brought us to the new age where the people in white coats can lock themselves up in controlled rooms to create totally indistinguishable diamond twins. If, like most people, you are fascinated by this possibility, then there are a few things you should know about man-made diamonds.

Before even getting to know how they are made, it is important to emphasize that lab-created diamonds are actually real diamonds albeit with a different origin. They are created in indoor environments that mimic the earth’s natural growing environment and the results are physically, optically and chemically indistinguishable. Typically, man-made diamonds are created using two different techniques that result in pure diamond, although sometimes used differently. The main growing process is called High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process while the other technique uses Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to create industrial grade diamonds.

Availability of Lab-Created Diamonds

Man made diamonds are mostly made on-demand hence their availability is determined by the growth process as well as the size and color. Today, these diamonds are grown all over the world in different lab settings. They are produced in a range of colors with the popular ones being white, orange, blue, pink and yellow. Whites are however less available in the sizes greater than 1.5 carat.

How Affordable are these artificial Diamonds?

Although the prices of diamonds vary depending on the cut, shape, clarity, carat and color, lab created diamonds retail for approximately 30% the price of their natural equivalents. Buyers are however cautioned against rush buying for the fact that even lab-created diamonds have their quality standards. This basically means buyers get exactly what they pay for, hence deals that are too good might not be true. Pure man-made diamonds are not in the same few-hundred-dollars per carat class as Diamond Simulates.

The Greener Side of Man-Made Diamonds

One of the main distinctions man-made diamonds have over natural diamonds is the fact that they are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Those who choose man-made diamonds over earth-mined diamonds essentially reduce the harmful impacts of mining these gems. Conscious buyers can therefore not only save the natural environment but also the aboriginal communities that engage in the mining.

By taking all of the above factors into consideration, diamond lovers may be torn between the natural and man-made alternatives. The bottom line however is that lab-created diamonds are not really of any lesser quality or appeal except for the unromantic belief that they are created in a few days rather than millions of years. Some may also argue that man-made diamonds are limited in terms of size availability, but this is basically a factor of the current technology and producer equipment. If you are therefore shopping for a diamond accessory for your significant other or even expecting one, this should help you have an open mind about man-made diamonds. Always remember that it’s the emotion behind the gift that matters and not necessarily it’s monetary value.

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