A List of Flower Types

Everyone loves flowers. This is probably because of their colorful nature that displays all sorts of emotions. In that case, most flowers portray different meanings and they are used in various occasions. This includes wedding, funerals and graduation ceremonies among others. In that case there are different flower types found in the world.

List of Flower Types


This is an exotic flower that is in the shape of a heart. This type of flower is found in the northern part of Argentina and Mexico. Their spadix is bright red in color. However their petals are found in different colors ranging from white to lavender

Crane Flower or Bird of Padadise

This is a type of flower that is also known as the bird of paradise. It is found in the southern region of the Cape Province. It is made up of blue and orange petals. This brings out the unique combination of colors and hence beautiful.


This flower is found in the shape of a pineapple with bright colors. It is a tropical flower with spiked leaves. This adds to the pineapple appearance on it. In terms of appearance, it is found in shades of crimson, purple and red.


This is a type of flower hat is majorly known for its medicinal value. It is a funnel shaped flower type with myriad colors. It has either 5 petals or more. Due to its medicinal nature it is used to make herbal tea.


This flower has beautiful vines with rainbow like flowers. It is popular due to its many colors and beautiful nature. It is a unique flower and as such is mostly used as an ornamental flower.

Red Ginger

This is another flower type that whose origin is Malaysia. It has long red in color bracts which are also used for their beauty. It has a thick stem with a waxy blossom to it.


This one has oval like leaves which are found in red or pink color. The florets are surrounded by the colorful leaves. In addition to that they are hairy. It has its origin from South Africa. It is widely used in floral arrangement occasions and hence effective.


These flowers grow in the summer season as they are found in a wide range of colors. With their sweet scent they are used to produce fragrances.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

These are another type of Orchids flowers together with the Dendrobium. They grow in the shape of a moth. In addition to that they do not require much care and maintenance for their healthy growth. They are useful for home d├ęcor.

Calla Lily

This flower is flaring and large in size as they are found in a wide range of colors and hence beautiful. They owe their origin to South Africa


These are pale yellow or which in color. They are beautiful with a sweet scent to them. This means that they can also be used to make fragrant.


This is a flower type has bright colored bracts. In addition to that it is beautiful with the large bracts tending to cover the whole flower. They are mainly used for landscaping as they are large in terms of height.


These are available in pink and white colors. It is widely popular in India as it is a national flower in that country. They required a lot of sunlight as they grow in murky shallow waters. They owe their origin to Australia and Asia.


This is one of the most popular flowers in the world. It is favored for its beauty and roses are used in special occasions like the Valentines Day, wedding and other romantic occasions. Roses are found in different colors where each color is preserved for a special occasion.


This one is grown is warm areas. They have tiny blossoms with a sweet scent. They are found in a wide range of colors from yellow to white. However they grow quickly but for a short period of time.


The poppy is a type of flower that can be home grown but also grows naturally in the wild. They are found in red and white colors among others. They are showy flowers.


The sunflower has yellow petals surrounding the other small tubular flowers. It is known to produce oily seeds used to manufacture cooking oil. The sunflower is tall with a sunflower head at the top.


The thistle is a thorny flower with small thorns on the leaves and stem. They have small tubular flowers that are found in a wide range of colors. In some cases they appear as weeds in the garden.


Cowslip has a buttercup shaped flower. The stems are also branched. In addition to that the leaves are in the shape of a kidney. The flowers are found in a wide range of colors which includes white, pink and lilac.

These are some of the most popular flower types. This will continue to grow as I add new types. Feel free to give a shout out about your favorite flower in the comments section below.

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