A List Of The Different Types of Flowers

types of flowers

Flowers are not just awesome to look at; they also convey important messages silently. This is the reason why special occasions go with certain types of flowers. Florists understand this and that is why you will see them sticking to some kind of arrangement when called upon to decorate the venue for a given function.

The Different Types of Flowers and Meanings

It is quite hard to say for sure the exact number of flower types in the world. This is because there are virgin lands that haven’t been exploited and that could contain even more flower types. Here we will list of some of the different types of flowers and brief description of what they mean or represent. This will be an ongoing project to list every type of flower out there. If I’ve forgotten your favorite, let me know in the comments or by email.

Alstroemeria – This is a flower representing friendship. It is a natural perennial plant that grows in the wild. It is orange in color but its hybrids can be yellow, white, red or pink. It is used by florists as a filler flower. Alstroemeria is also known as Peruvian Lily.

Amaryllis – It represents splendid beauty. These are flowers from a bulbous plant whose blooms sprout from a leafless stem. It comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, orange and red. Some white variety may have colored veins. It is also known as Belladonna Lily.

Anemone – This is the flower for anticipation. It consists of 8-10 round petals that fan out almost parallel to each other. The plant itself is perennial and grows to 2 feet and then flowers. The color varieties are white, purple, blue and red.

Anthurium – Represents hospitality. This is not one species but a genus containing as many as 600-800 species of flowers. The blooms of this flower are tiny and tend to crowd together on a stem referred to spadix. The spadix achieves various shapes and colors but the most common color shade is red.

Aster – This flower represents patience. It also a genus of many species of flowers that are one and half inches wide. These flowers resemble daisies but have brighter colors such as lavender, pink, purple or red.

Birds of Paradise – As the name sounds, these flowers represent joyfulness. Also referred to as crane flower, birds of paradise is native to South America. The blooms of this flower resemble the brightly colored birds known as mid-flight. The blooms each have 3 orange and blue petals although yellow shades may also be seen.

Bouvardia – Native to Central America, it represents enthusiasm. Produce single or double star shaped flowers that grow from a thin neck. The flowers white, pink or yellow in color.

Carnations – represents pride and beauty. It the most popular flower. Each bloom can have as much as 40 petals which as are stripped, solid and multicolored. Each shade of color has a particular meaning.

Cushion Chrysanthemum – This Indicates fidelity. The blooms of the flowers are thickened to form cushions.

Daisy – Also represents fidelity, they are commonly known as asteraceae. These flowers have yellow or white petals. The flowers grow from leafless stems

Daffodil – This represents chivalry. The flowers consist of a bowl shaped corna which is encircled by six ring petals with a tube connecting them.
Delphinium: Brings a heavenly atmosphere. The flowers present with a variety of colors and can be found in any color. It resembles larkspur so much almost identical

Freesia – Represents innocence. This is the most scented flower. They are yellow or white in color and grow in funnel shape pattern on one side of a branched stem. About 8 blooms grow on each stem.

Gladiolus – These represent strength of character. These flowers can come in any color and grow very tall at times as tall as 5-6 feet. Gladiolus flowers grow characteristically on a thick spike which then opens out of a tube-like structure.

Heather – Represents admiration. These flowers bloom in spikes of flowers that are bell-shaped. Heather flowers can be pink or purple colored as well as a shade of both.

To discuss all the types of flowers would take an eternity, but I plan on getting them all here. You can help out by sending in pics of your favorite flowers, or just letting me know about any flowers I may have missed.

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