A List of the Different Types of Pasta Noodles

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There are many different types of pasta noodles. Here is a big, long list of them.

Long Pastas


In Italian, spaghetti means ‘little threads’. That is why a spaghetti pasta string is generally around 10 inches long, and thin. This pasta is usually cooked with tomato sauce.


Meaning small ribbons in Italian, this pasta is flat in shape and available in a host of flavors such as spinach and garlic. It is the perfect companion for cheese dishes like the popular Fettuccine Alfredo.


It is a type of pasta, which looks like a tube or a drinking straw. The word Bucatini originated from the Italian term ‘buco’, which means ‘hole’. Preparations made with this pasta are delectable because it soaks the flavors of the spices very well.


It is generally a two-inch wide pasta with either straight or wavy edges. It tastes good when it is used as the base for casseroles. Dishes made with chopped vegetables taste great with lasagna. You can also enjoy lasagna soups such as spinach lasagna soup.


This pasta is the thinnest amongst all the types of pasta noodles. You will need only a few minutes to boil it. It tastes great when broken casually and sprinkled over salads. You can also have it with white sauce.

Short Pastas


Spiral shaped, attractive-looking pasta, Cavatappi is also known as double-elbows. The pasta tastes great when it is served with thick tomato sauce. You can also have Cavatappi with vegetables like spinach, beans, and potatoes and sprinkle parmesan cheese over the dish.


Translated as ‘little bells’ in English, Campanelle has an interesting shape. It is shaped like a bell but the edges are curvy, which makes it look very pretty. The most popular way of cooking the pasta is with tomatoes, spinach, and garlic sauce.

Rosa Marina

It looks like rice and thus, makes an ideal substitute for it. Prepare Rosa Marina with any vegetable and you will savor every bite of the dish. With this pasta, you can also go for cold fruit salads with pineapples, oranges, and cherries.


Out of the popular types of pasta noodles,the bowtie-shaped pasta with zigzag edges looks cute and appetizing to kids and teenagers alike. Encourage youngsters to have broccoli by preparing cold salads with Farfalle-broccoli salad. You can also use this pasta in a Greek salad, which is prepared with feta and roasted vegetables.


Meaning ‘twins’ in Italian, this pasta is made by entwining two pasta strands closely with each other. It tastes best when served with light sauces made of olive oil or vegetable oil. You can also prepare seafood with gemelli.


It is a great ingredient for soups and salads. This pasta is shaped as rings, which are quite easy to bring to a boil. Children find them easy to consume because of their convenient round shape.


Having the appearance of small-sized thimble, this pasta is great for soups, salads and even for stir-fry items. It presents a lip-smacking taste when served with roasted tomato soup.

Tubular Pasta


It is short pasta measuring 1 or 1 1/4 inches. It tastes fabulous when prepared with tomato-based sauces. According to personal preference, you can also have a spicy penne dish with chili, garlic and olive oil.


With a smooth texture and slanted ends, this 2-inch long pasta is a perfect ingredient for baked preparations having cheese and tomato sauce. You can also serve it with sauces like Alfredo sauce.


This tube-shaped pasta is around 1-inch long. Prepare it and serve it with chunky meat sauces and you will enjoy every moment. You can also prepare pies and baked dishes with this pasta.


It looks very similar to mostaccioli pasta. However, it has straight ends. The pasta tastes amazing with both vegetable and meat sauces.


This pasta is preferred by people of every age group. Shaped like twisted tubes, you can prepare a multitude of casserole dishes with it. You can also cook it like traditional pasta and serve with a chunky sauce.

Stuffed Pasta


This pillow-shaped pasta is stuffed with meats and cheese, and is teamed up with tomato sauce. In Italy, Ravioli is preferred with spinach and cheese stuffing.


A very famous pasta, it can be stuffed with a variety of items ranging from meats to vegetables. Once the stuffed pasta is ready, simply cover it with a layer of sauce and enjoy a hearty meal.


Translated in English as ‘little rings’, this pasta tastes amazing when it is stuffed with a delicious mixture of cheese and meat. You can serve it with the traditional tomato sauce or as salad having broccoli, bacon, and raisins.

This should be all the pasta noodles out there. If I’ve forgotten any, let me know in the comments.

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