The Different Diamond Cuts

The diamond is said to be the most preferred choice of stone for most women. Diamonds are available in different diamond cuts thereby enabling you to make the right choice by selecting one that suits you best. Every single diamond has a unique story, therefore it is upon you to make your choice and have your story told. These cuts range from classic to versatile round. The latter is said to account for the largest percentage of the total number of diamonds being sold in the market today. Other cuts such as the marquise are said to be rare and have a major historical representation. Selecting the right kind of diamond can be a complicated task just like making your final decision when it comes to the gentleman that will present you with one. However, this is not about who will do the giving but more about what you are aware of in regards to diamond shapes or cuts. The more you know the better for you since it will help you make the best choice in one of your most significant moments.

different diamond cutsIt is a fact that each shape caters to an individual’s unique taste. These cuts are also done in a careful and calculated manner in order to bring out the best features of a diamond. Some of the different diamond cuts available include:

Round Brilliant Cut

This cut is classic, versatile and quite brilliant when compared to various other cuts. It would rather be difficult to coax anyone against selecting it. This has clearly been proven since it makes up for the largest percentage of diamonds sold all over the world. Men looking to give their ladies a good surprise can never go wrong with this.

Emerald Cut

This radiates vintage glamour since it is among the initial cuts to be ever used to design jewellery. It has a broad and flat shape which effectively brings out not just the clarity but the crystalline growth as well and does so in an unmatched way.

Pear Cut

This is also referred to as the tear drop. This cut is considered as being quite feminine and exceptional. One of its ends is rounded while the other is pointed. It is a brilliant choice for any lady.

Oval Cut

Other than the pear and brilliant round shape, this can be considered as a perfect choice if you are looking to treasure the shine of the brilliant round in a rather rare and extended shape.

Heart Cut

This definitely signifies love and romance. This symbolic cut is considered to be rare and is the perfect way to represent your heart and fit it onto your finger. Definitely there is no better way of being in love and fashionable at the same time.

Trillion Cut

In most cases, it is usually used as an accent stone. Its striking brilliance as well as fire transform this triangular shaped cut into a bold and vibrant piece. It is being appreciated more for its remarkable effect when used as a center piece.

Princess Cut

Just like the brilliant round, the princess is a cut with a classic and sophisticated shape. However, its sharp corners give it a more contemporary look. This is a suitable shape and quite ideal when it comes to capturing brilliance as well as elegance within a contemporary look.

Radiant Cut

This is a hybrid cut and is available in both square and rectangular forms with a combination of a more rounded depth similar to that of the emerald and the princess cut. Out of all the square shaped cuts, the radiant is considered to be the most dazzling piece thereby making it a dramatic and beautiful choice.

Asscher Cut

Filled with a timeless elegance as well as art-deco look, this cut has a rectangular shape similar to that of the emerald cut. It is best known for its mirror illusion effect with an incredible shine.

Cushion Cut

This cut is usually available in square or rectangular form with rounded edges that resemble the shape of a pillow. It is considered to be a rare and unique choice. This is because it has large facets that give light great dispersion, resulting to the formation of a wide variety of spectral colors thereby making it an extremely bright stone.

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