The Different Types of Personality Tests

types of personality tests

Our personalities are a result of our experiences, upbringing, environmental influences and personal character which help us deal with the various aspects of life. However, sometimes we need to look deep into ourselves so that we can make better decisions and further develop our character. In order to do that, there are various types of testing that have been developed by researchers and psychologists to motivate us, help us determine our personality, understand our core values and tackle any behavioral problems.

Types of Personality Testing

The Instinctual Variants Questionnaire – This testing involves studying three main instincts of man like self-preservation, sexual and social instincts. The whole process takes around 20 minutes and the person needs to answer questions on how he instinctively reacts to people or situations which will help us understand his relationship with others.

Communication Skills Testing – Communicating properly is necessary to maintain a relationship in every situation but we often remain stuck in our set patterns of behavior. These kinds of tests help us recognize where we need to work on communication skills, what mistakes we make and how we can have a more positive and productive relationship with people around us.

The Quick Enneagram Sorting Test – This test helps to learn about the subject’s personality type, where one gets to narrow down the possibilities to only three likely types out of nine. It is a quick test, where the results are available in less than five minutes and according to researchers you get 80% accurate results that guide you to make more constructive choices in life.

Jungian Personality Test – Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, developed various methods to distinguish and understand personality types. The Jungian personality test was created on the basis of Jung’s book ‘Psychological Types’ published in 1921. By answering questions on how you make decisions or do normal day to day things, your personality type can be determined out of the 16 categories to provide motivation and self-improvement tips.

The Type Attitude Sorter – Don Riso and Russ Hudson created this particular test where the subject has to rate 15 statements on agree-disagree scale of 5 points, which depict a particular personality type. There can be either 45 or 135 questions, which is the longer and more detailed version of the test. This will help find out the person’s core personality and suggest measures on how to improve and strengthen his character.

TOLAT – The TOLAT or the Team and Organisation Level Assessment Tool helps us to analyse how a group or team functions so that we can find out ways to improve their efficiency and performance. This type of testing is great for professional environments and takes about 20 minutes. It consists of simple terms and can be easily understood by everyone.

Emotional Intelligence Test – Usually a lot of importance is given to measure our intelligence and logical reasoning ability through various IQ tests. But our emotional responses in both professional and personal lives are equally important for all-round development. Writers and psychologists like Daniel Goleman and Peter Salovey brought attention to test our emotional intelligence, which analyzes our behavior and response to certain situations.

Anger Management Test – There are many circumstances where we lose our temper and say things which we regret later. It can be harmful in a work environment or in personal relationships and hence we should make an effort to understand why we get angry and how we can control our anger. These types of testing study our reactions to unpleasant incidents and give advice on how to deal with them in a positive manner.

The RHETTI – This is a computerized test where there are 144 paired statements to determine a personality type. The resultant descriptions are given in details and one needs around 45 minutes to complete the test. It is a popular type of testing and also contains a summary of the strengths of the different personality types.

Testing is necessary because it helps us grow by understanding ourselves, how we react to things, what motivates us and helps us to deal with situations around us. The different types of testing can assist us by making us identify what we are doing wrong, how to manage time better, resolve conflicts and show how we can have better professional and personal relationships, thereby leading a more fruitful life.

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