The Different Types of Ties

Neckties are available in different styles, patterns and colors. A necktie can complement a boring outfit. They are different types of ties available and giving them a recognition helps in making the selection process easier.

The Four-In-Hand Necktie

These are the most frequently encountered on tie racks found in men clothing stores. They are mostly made in silk, polyester or cotton. They can be found in various widths, patterns and colors. They come in a large number of variations. The standard necktie comes with a width of 3.75 inches which give the wearer a professional look.

Skinny Tie

Its two inches wide tie. It’s mostly worn by the casual ultra-hip youngsters. The skinny tie is nothing new but its wide spread acclaim can make you think it’s a new invention. Many fashion designers will tell you that it is exceptionally more stylish to rock a skinny tie than a wider tie. Men are not the only one wearing skinny ties, fashion designers have begun incorporating skinny ties for women in order to provide a unique look for the modern woman.

Seven-Fold Tie

It’s a version of the four in hand neck. it is said to be the ultimate tie in luxury and it’s the most expensive of all ties. It’s handmade from a square yard of silk that is simply folded seven times. This tie has no lining and it knots easily without binding. The most amazing aspect of this tie is that it beautifully drapes because of the weight and body derived solely from the layering of the silk. If you are suit and tie connoisseur, you probably have one.

Bow Tie

It’s a lined ribbon of fabric. The bow tie is worn with a tuxedo or a dinner is tied in a symmetrical manner around the collar. On the opposite ends the fabric forms flattened loops. There exist versions of pre-tied and clip on. They tend to come askew creating a crazy require skills and practice to tie a bow-tie. It appeals well on occasions such as weddings and special parties. If worn with the right attitude a bow tie marks the old fashioned, spectacular man and to some occasions it merits the extra effort it requires.

Clip-On Tie

This type of tie is mostly worn only if you need a quick fix solution into a formal attire. Otherwise, this ties are worn by men in uniform. For whom, a normal tie might get in the way of work and prove to be hazardous.

Bolo Tie

It’s also known as the bola tie. This tie is a fairly recent addition to men’s formal was invented way back in 1940s by a silversmith known as victor cedar staff. The tie consists of small braided cords which are laterite- like; and it’s secured around the neck by a decorative clasp. Silver is normally used to decorate the tips of the cord. And braids are often made from multicolored strands. The clasps and the jewelers are the ones that makes the tie stand out.

Square-End Tie

This ties are in a class of their own. They have been a popular alternative to standard neck ties for many years. Solid patterns and colors are excellently woven to make a fine knit texture. Resulting in a stylish neckwear perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

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