Types of Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is a company that creates and plans when, where and how an advert will be delivered and presents it to the client. The advertising agencies are fully independent from their clients. The main task advertising agencies is to make sure that the clients’ products are sold effectively. The advertising agencies normally have experts in certain fields to assist their clients reach their prospective customers in a simple and easy way. The main clients of advertising agencies include; non-profit making organizations, corporations, government agencies and businesses.

Types of advertising agencies

Full service agencies

The full service agencies carry out research, create, plan, produce advertisements and select media. Other services offered by the full service agencies include sales training, sales promotion, strategic market planning, event management, package design, trade shows and public relations.

Creative agencies

Creative agencies job is to create the actual advertisements only. The creative agencies create interesting and imaginative advertising themes and also produce original and innovative advertisements. A client that contracts a creative agency will also have to contract another advertising agency to carry out other administrative functions relating to advertising.

Specialized agencies

A Specialized agency offers its services within a certain industry such as real estate, financial, medical and education or a particular function e.g. public relations, research, marketing and internet.Specialised agencies therefore concentrate on specific areas only.

In-house agencies

In-house agencies are owned by the advertisers. The In-house agencies are formed and supervised by the company. They perform all functions relating to advertising the company’s product as in the case of full service agencies. Most companies establish the in-house agencies in order to cut the cost of advertising. A company may use its in house agency only or may contract an external agency to work together with its in house agency.

Interactive agencies

Interactive agencies are a bit unique from others because of the services that they offer. They offer services such as web development and web design, internet advertising-commerce consulting and search engine marketing. Interactive agencies became very popular before the other advertising agencies fully adopted the use of internet.

Media buying agencies

A media buying agency is a company that buys television and radio time and then resells the time to other advertising agencies and advertisers. Media buying agencies also assist the advertisers to plan the media strategies. Media buying agencies normally buy a lot of space and time from the various media stations thus they are given huge amounts of discounts that enable them sell the television and radio time at low prices to the small advertising agencies and clients.

Social media agencies

Social media agencies do product promotion of the clients’ products on the different social media platforms such as social networking sites, discussion forums,blogs,microblogs and Q&A sites. The two main services offered by social media agencies to clients are online reputation management and social media marketing.

Healthcare communication agencies

Health care communication agencies offer marketing and strategic communications services for life science and healthcare industries.

Medical education agencies

Medical education agencies create educational content for life science and healthcare industries. Their two main areas of specialization are continuing medical attention and promotional education

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