Types of Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is a company that creates and plans when, where and how an advert will be delivered and presents it to the client. The advertising agencies are fully independent from their clients. The main task advertising agencies is to make sure that the clients’ products are sold effectively. The advertising agencies normally have experts in certain fields to assist their clients reach their prospective customers in a simple and easy way. The main clients of advertising agencies include; non-profit making organizations, corporations, government agencies and businesses. Types of advertising agencies Full service agencies The full service agencies carry out research, create, plan, produce advertisements and select media. Other services offered by the full service agencies include sales training, sales promotion, strategic market planning, event management, package design, trade shows and public relations. Creative agencies Creative agencies job is to create the actual advertisements only. The creative agencies create interesting and imaginative advertising themes and also produce original and innovative advertisements. A client that contracts a creative agency will also have to contract another advertising agency to carry out other administrative functions relating to advertising. Specialized agencies A Specialized agency offers its services within a certain industry such as … Continue reading Types of Advertising Agencies