Types of Calla Lilies

The Calla Lily is one of the favorites in this group of flowers, though it doesn’t even technically belong in the family of Lilies, nor is it really a Calla. It has this name none-the-less, and below you will find a list of all of the different calla lilies out there.

Red Calla Lily

It has passionate flowers that symbolize attraction and love. People use this type of calla lily mostly in flower arrangements. It comes in different shades like crimson, burgundy red, ruby, or scarlet. This lily grows to about 18 to 40 inches in height. It blooms well in spring all throughout midsummer. Red Alert, Red Sox, and Majestic Red are the most common varieties of this type of lily. You may either obtain these varieties in a natural or artificial manner.

Purple Calla Lily

It has pleasant flowers that are blue in color. It grows to about 18 to 40 inches in height. It comes in different varieties that include bright purple, amethyst, and lavender. It is commonly used as bridal bouquets.

White Calla Lily

This lily is associated with both funerals and weddings. It has white flowers that have a trumpet shape. Similarly, it has white or creamy shades that make the flower to have a fantasy impression. It grows up to about 12 to 24 inches in height. The white colors of these flowers convey messages of magnificent beauty.

Brown Calla Lily

This lily is an exotic flower that is slightly masculine. It has brown flowers that have dark maroon and chocolate shades. It is about 12 to 24 inches tall. It blooms well in May and June. If you want to grow brown calla lily, then you should ensure that your soil is moist and well drained. You can use this type of lily for any occasion.

Yellow Calla Lily

It is also known as Queen Victoria Calla lily. It has a variety of radiant tones that include gold and bright yellow. It has yellow flowers and is commonly used in funerals and weddings. This is because it symbolizes both resurrection and birth.

Blue Calla Lily

This type of lily does not grow naturally. It has blue flowers that can be obtained using blue dye. In addition, it has exotic shapes that make it brilliant to look at. It grows to about 18 to 40 inches in height. Similarly, it thrives well in well drained rich soils. Ink blue callas, white blue callas, and baby blue callas are the most commonly known types of this lily.

Pink Calla Lily

It has pink flowers that symbolize the female body. These flowers fulfill your every need since different sizes and shades of pink. It grows to about 12 to 34 inches in height. It blooms well from late spring to early summer. You may opt to use them in your centerpieces or bouquets. If you want to have a pleasant day, then you should make an effort of buying pink calla lily.

Black Calla Lily

These types of lily are the blackest species of black flowers. They are rare to find in the environment. These type of lilies grow up to 18 to 40 inches in height. They come in varying shades that include eggplant, dark maroon, or black-burgundy. Naomi Campbell, Black Star, Black Pearl, and Black Forest are the most popular varieties of black calla lilies.

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