Types of Cyber Bullying

Bullying is a topic that people have become very serious about, because it isn’t something that should be tolerated or seen lightly. There are many kids and adults being bullied everyday, but when people start to contribute to stop bullying, it can be completely disappeared. Before anyone can try to stop bullying, it is important to learn about the many different types of bullying.

One of the most popular forms of bullying at the moment is cyber bullying because anyone can bully people without having to be punished by anyone. Cyber bullying is considered to be one of the hardest forms of bullying to stop because everyone can access the Internet. This is why it is important to educate people about why bullying isn’t something that should ever be done. The following are the different types of cyberbullying.

Different Types Of Cyber Bullying

Cyberstalking – Cyberstalking may not be such a common form of cyber bullying, but it does occur on a daily basis all over the world. It can be very scary and annoying to be cyber bullied because it is the type of bullying that involves someone individually sending messages through text messages, emails, or social media messages. These messages could either be threatening, rude, or just plain trying to hurt the person’s feelings. The worst thing about this form of bullying is the fact that it can turn to physical bullying, so it must be stopped as soon as possible.

Flaming – Flaming is also a very common form of bullying that can be very hurtful to the victim. This specific form of bullying involves the correspondences of using electronic communications as a method to bully. Bullying through this method can be done in chat rooms, instant messages and even through email. This is sort of a public type of bullying where you are publicly bullied online. Flaming refers to the arguments which are supplemented with certain images to drive annoyance and harsh language toward someone.

Exclusion – Exclusion is the type of bullying that occurs whenever someone is singled out then excluded from an online group. This group in turn will then do whatever they can online to taunt the excluded person through rude text messages and emails.

Outing – Outing on the other hand occurs when individuals shares unique yet private information that uses mobile phone or online communication methods. This person will then be “outed” once his private information has been shared publicly through the Internet.

Masquerading – Masquerading is also a very common type of cyber bullying that is more of a sophisticated type of cyber bullying where the individual creates fakes identities to harass another person unanimously while at the same time hiding their identity. Masquerading will even include attempts to seriously steal log-in information to them use the information with harassing other people without having to show their identity.

If you are one of many parents or people who are just interested in learning more about cyber bullying, then the information above may have broaden your mind with the different kinds of bullying. Remember, even if a child may not seem like they’re being bullied, it doesn’t mean they aren’t so you need to do whatever you can to stop bullying from the source to prevent it from ever happening again.


  1. i hate cyber bullying it suck

  2. I’m a victim of bullying and cyberstalking. Bonnie [redacted] from Tulsa Oklahoma made my life horrible for years. Calling my home, taking print outs of fake emails to Tulsa detectives and acting as though she were multiple people who were out to get me. If you search online you will find all sorts of crazy sites on free blogging places saying I am all sorts of things that describe more what she did to me than what I did to her. This began YEARS ago and still haunts me. Sadly Bonnie is still doing the same to others online.

  3. I’ve always hated Bullying and it just hurts me to see somebody get bullied

  4. I hate cyberbullying its stupid and dumb

  5. I have been Cyberbullyed. It sucked, badly. Now I am stepping up in my school, and telling or asking people to stop bullying beccause majorty dont relize it; the other majorty is that they know and they do it for power.

  6. Guys, just don’t let anyone take away your self-esteem. Be confdent!! Guys, you are unique and great persons so don’t be ashamed!!

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