Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamonds come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are 3 types of diamond cuts; brilliant cuts, mixed cuts and step cuts. These 3 types are then classified into sub-types; ideal, shallow and deep diamond cuts. Shallow cut diamonds look lifeless and don’t reflect significant light; deep cut diamonds look dull and dark, and have a bigger look than their real shape; and ideal cut diamonds reflect light at a right angle and looks bright. Here are some of the common types of diamond cuts.

Round Brilliant Cut – This is the most popular diamond cut because it gives maximum sparkle. A round cut has up to 58 facets, and it is very popular due to its versatility.

Princess Cut – Though relatively new as it was developed in the 60s, this cut is the second in popularity after the round cut. This cut focuses on color. It has pointed corners and is often square in shape, though it may sometimes be rectangular.

Emerald Cut – This cut is rectangular and has rounded corner facets. It reflects less light compared to other types of cuts, thanks to the flat surface of the top. Its rectangular facets highlight the diamond’s clarity. It is a popular choice due its timeless elegance.

Cushion Cut – This cut has a cushion-like shape and rounded corners. The common cushion cut diamonds have a low length-to-width ratio, which gives it a slightly elongated square shape. Their facets are usually larger compared to other diamond cuts to enhance brilliance.

Heart Cut – It has a heart shape. The 59 kite-shaped and triangular facets make it reflect light in a dynamic way but avoid diamonds with more color, such as J-color diamonds, as they will be less visible with this cut.

Pear Cut – This is another type of brilliant-cut diamond which gives maximum sparkle and brilliance. It is also known as teardrop due to its rounded and single-pointed end.

Marquise Cut – This cut is slender oval with pointed end. To get your preferable slimness, specify the corresponding length-to-width ratio. The marquise cut is a type of brilliant-cut diamond with a 58-facet design that offers maximum brilliance.

Oval Cut – This cut comes in a wide range of length-to-width ratios, ranging from narrow to tall to almost circular. It has the same brilliance as that of the round cut.

Radiant Cut – It is square to rectangular in shape and combines the elegance associated with the emerald cut diamonds with the brilliance radiated by the round cut diamonds.

Asscher Cut – It bears close resemblance to the emerald cut but it is square-shaped. Asscher cut diamonds are characterized by deeply trimmed edges and have more brilliance compared to emerald cuts.

Trillion Cut – It is triangular in shape (three sided). This brilliant cut offers a lot of sparkle and an adventurous experience.

So, if you are looking for diamond jewelry, take the diamond cuts into account. When buying a diamond, request the retailer for detailed information about diamond cuts so that you can make comparisons in order to make the right purchase.

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